Ayurveda Treatments

Ayurveda Treatments

These massage-based treatments are designed to offer exactly what your body needs.

Traditional Treatments: 

Abhyangam - Relaxation Massage
A gentle, relaxing massage that tones up your body, enhances the texture and smoothness of the skin and promotes sound sleep. 

Marma Massage - De-Stress Massage
Enhances flexibility of the joints, relieves muscle pain and stiffness, activates energy channels. 

Lymphatic Massage 
A full-body detoxifying massage performed to stimulate the circulation of blood and lymph helping to eliminate the impurities stored during daily life. 


Body treatments 

Dhara - Herbal Tranquility
After a full body massage, drift into deep relaxation as a gentle stream of herbal oil flows endlessly over your forehead. It’s an exceptional aid for insomnia, mental stress, anxiety and psychosomatic conditions. 

Elakizhi - Herbal Soothe
A full body massage followed by a warm herbal body compress that effectively soothes sore muscles and joints. Treats arthritis, improves muscle strength and peripheral circulation. 

Naranga Kizhi - Lemon & Herb Soothe
A unique, stimulating therapy with a bag of medicated lemon. Loosens tight muscles, relieves body aches and joint pains, smoothes the skin and stimulates the entire system. 

Udvarthanam  - Massage & Exfoliation
This treatment uses a combination of herbal powder and oil to exfoliate the body, tone the skin and help reduce weight. The body is detoxified, leaving the skin soft and smooth. 

Roopini - Shaping Thighs & Hips
A massage and scrub that will help remove excess fat from the thighs and hips. Frequent sessions help you to reach your ideal body shape. 

Kativasthi - Spine Care
Warm medicinal oil is poured into a ring made of black gram dough. This is placed on your back on the specific spot of the pain or discomfort. 


Specific treatments

Neck & Shoulder Pain Ease 
Releases tension in the neck and shoulders. A back massage is performed, followed by the gentle application of herbal stamps in the neck and shoulder areas. 

Sore Feet Ease 
This splendid therapy includes a special massage for tired feet to help energise the body's channels. Enjoy the foot massage with warm herbal stamps and a foot soak with warm, medicated water. 

Pregnancy Care 
Specifically for pregnant ladies, it helps soothe the body and mind, reducing backach by strengthening and nourishing the muscles and releasing toxins. 

Detox Body Wrap 
A blissful exfoliating herbal scrub and a hot stimulating wrap with exotic spices, herbs and coconut milk, followed by a revitalising body massage. 

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