Experience a feeling of relaxation and inner balance with massage treatments that stimulate circulation.

Experience a feeling of relaxation and inner balance with massage treatments that stimulate circulation.

The Renaissance - 90 minutes

This whole body massage will slow you down, so that afterwards you will have the energy to speed up. Our definitive massage concentrates on areas of the body that hold tension. Body brushing stimulates, whilst thermal compresses gently warm up the muscles and persuade them to relax. A variety of massage techniques ensure stress is dissolved and you feel ready for anything.

The Arabian - 60 or 90 minutes

An old tradition once used by Bedouin travelers, is our inspiration for this classical Arabian Massage. Utilising five styles of long, gliding and flowing strokes, it has proven to be helpful in reducing muscular pain and joint stiffness; and to stimulate circulation. It can be applied with medium or hard pressure.

The Aroma - 60 or 90 minutes

The gentlest of massages, yet so effective in balancing the whole body and the mind. A synergy of seamless massage techniques and specially blended essential oils ensure you will feel renewed and refreshed.

The Deep - 60 or 90 minutes

Before getting down ‘to work’, this massage experience begins with warming the muscles. This prepares you for a deep massage designed to relieve tension in the muscles and the connective tissue. Perfect for those who enjoy a stronger massage.

The Stretch - 60 or 90 minutes

Similar to bathing, ‘stretch massage’ is a time-proven practice around the world. Our version is the very popular Thai full-body massage. This oil-free experience is a sequence of alternating, slow and stretching movements applied with firm pressure. Stimulating blood flow and oxygen, this massage will re-energise your whole body. Perfect after a long journey.

The Compress - 90 minute

To begin, a warm poultice of therapeutic Thai herbs and spices is placed on the body to warm up the muscles. This eases muscle tension and stiffness, improves circulation and promotes general well-being. A full body, herb-infused oil massage follows, creating a feeling of deep relaxation.

The Back, Neck & Shoulders - 45 minutes

So many of us hold tension in our upper backs and necks. Too many hours at the computer, too much stress from life in general. We use thermal compresses to persuade any tight muscles to loosen up and release, so that we can massage them back into a relaxed state.

The Head, Hands & Feet - 45 minutes

In reflexology, the whole body is depicted on both the feet and the hands. As a result, by massaging them we can, in effect, treat the whole body. You will be impressed by how very relaxing and restoring this treatment is, particularly as we end with a sumptuous head massage. It is worth a try and if you wish, there is no need to change into a robe.

The Duo - 60 or 90 minutes

Two can relax and enjoy a massage together in our couples spa room. Our Spa Concierge will consult with you both to help you each select one of our Massage Experiences.