Body Treatments

Body Treatments

From a cleansing Hammam to detoxifying the body with scrubs and wraps, our experiences are the best for your body and soul.


The Hammam - 75 minutes

There is good reason the Hammam has become popular throughout the world. This classical bathing experience is ‘the ultimate cleanse’ for body and mind. Our interpretation is Royal and luxurious with a few surprises. Our mud application will nourish your skin ensuring you are not only cleansed, but glowing.

The Purifier Facial - 60 minutes

The Dead Sea not only benefits the body, but also the face. We cleanse and balance your face and décolleté with ‘Dead Sea Minerals’ in this relaxing and luxurious experience. Perfect for everyone, ‘The Purifier’


The Polish & Swathe

Scrub and Wrap - 60 minutes

Our invigorating ‘Dead Sea Salt’ body scrub infused with healing ingredients, cleanses your skin in preparation for the ‘Dead Sea Mud’ wrap. Whilst the wrap is working its magic, we will tenderly massage your head to balance and promote relaxation.

Body Experiences

The Polish Scrub - 45 minutes

Both of our Polishes are equally effective, depending upon your needs. Our ‘Dead Sea Salt’ Polish is a premium detoxifying cleanser, whilst our creamy Apricot and Avocado Polish is intensely moisturizing. Perfect on their own or combined with other experiences.

The Swathe Wrap - 45 minutes

We have two distinctive, locally sourced body wraps for you to choose from. The Nourishing Swathe is Avocado infused with plant botanicals. Our Detoxifying Swathe is mud straight from the Dead Sea and improves circulation. Your swathe will be luxuriously applied and will leave your skin feeling soft and luminous.