Legend Lives On

Legend Lives On

The iconic hotel introduces a line of cultural programmes as part of its commitment to preserving and celebrating Indonesia’s historical and legacy.

23 Apr 2024

Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta Unveils "Legend Lives On" Campaign - Honouring the History and Cultures of Indonesia

23 April 2024 - Jakarta, Indonesia - Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta announces the launch of its Legend Lives On campaign, set to be celebrated throughout 2024. The movement, which has been crafted to encapsulate the iconic hotel’s deep-rooted commitment to preserving and celebrating Indonesia’s rich culture and history, aims to give a new insight into Indonesia’s past and its impact today while looking forward to a brighter future.

Through the initiative, several programmes are introduced. Among them is the Mustikarasa rotation programme, a bimonthly F&B offering based on the legendary cookbook left by Indonesia’s founding father, President IR Soekarno. Inspired by Jakarta’s history as Sunda Kelapa and its vibrant interactions as a bustling port city with diverse cultures, the programme invites guests to discover the flavours of the nation straight from the pages of the historical cookbook.

The Legend Lives On also introduces guests to The Curator: a dedicated ambassador of cultural conduit. With a wealth of knowledge, The Curator serves as an experienced historical storyteller, sharing captivating tales of Indonesia's vibrant history for guests to discover. From unravelling the mysteries of ancient traditions to sharing the secrets behind local customs, The Curator is always ready to answer questions and provide guidance, ensuring that every guest leaves with a deeper understanding of Jakarta and Indonesia's rich heritage.

Meanwhile, as part of its commitment to philanthropy and cultural preservation, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta collaborates with special partners to bring enchanting experiences to life, which will be celebrated in August 2024. A grand event is meticulously crafted to celebrate its milestone anniversary, shining a spotlight on Indonesia's journey of triumph, resilience, and unity. Collaborations with esteemed partners such as the professional orchestra and others further enhance the event, connecting the past, present, and future through a captivating blend of music, art, and storytelling. These partnerships reflect the hotel's dedication to promoting Indonesia's cultural heritage, while providing guests with enriching and memorable experiences during their time at the hotel.

Ensuring that every part of the guest’s stay is nothing short of extraordinary, the hotel’s guest rooms are going through a meticulous transformation which is set to be launched in quarter four this year, seamlessly blending historical luxury with touches of modern contemporary. The hotel’s events and meetings facilities continue to set the standard for excellence, with a dedicated team of event experts ready to tailor-make each event to perfection. These initiatives further cement the hotel’s iconic reputation as the witness of Indonesia’s history unfolding, inviting guests to be a part of its legacy.

"Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta has always been an important part of Indonesia’s history. Here, we always strive to do our part as the guardians of the country’s rich heritage.” Shared Harald Fitzek, General Manager. “As we continue to celebrate our nation, we aim to create more beautiful performances that leave a lasting impression. We hope that through the Legend Lives On campaign, more people will have the opportunity to experience the richness of Indonesia and be inspired by its beauty, legacy and history.”