Ancol Dreamland Amusement Park

Ancol Dreamland has been open since 1966 and it is currently the largest integrated tourist area in South East Asia. There are 27 fantasy rides in Fantasy World, eight pools in Atlantis Water Adventure and eight shows in Ocean Dreams Samudera.

Dunia Fantasi (Fantasy World)

Dunia Fantasi is Jakarta’s own theme park, complete with over 30 rides and attractions. The theme park is divided into eight regions, which are Jakarta, Indonesia, Asia, Africa, America, Europe and the Fantasi Hikayat (Legendary Fantasy) region, featuring Ancient Greek and Ancient Egyptian architecture. The theme park complies with international standards through ISO 9001:2000 certification.

In 2013, Dunia Fantasi (Dufan) added one more area (Indoor Dufan), equipped with an Ice Age ride and Kontiki, and in 2014 and 2015 Dufan added Hello Kitty Adventure and Dufan Glow.

Atlantis Water Adventure rides

Atlantis Water Adventure was built on the former site of Gelanggang Renang (Swimming Courtyard). Occupying over five hectares of land, the theme of this water park is based on the mythological underwater world of Atlantis: Poseidon, Antila, Plaza Atlas, Aquarius, Octopus, Atlantean and Kiddy Pool. Its facilities include a wave pool, continuously flowing river pool, rainbow ball pool, waterfall pool, several slides, two children’s pools, five restaurants and a food court, which was imported from India, Brazil, Spain and Bangladesh. A volleyball court and event centre are also available to accommodate the needs of visitors. Atlantis Water Adventure now holds the “Nightainment Atlantis Music Video”.

Ocean Dream Samudra

Ocean Dream Samudra features several animal shows, a small aquarium and a 4D cinema. The trained-animal shows include a dolphin show and sea lion show. The 4D cinema, located inside a large building with a Mesoamerican pyramid theme, projects 3D-image films with sensations such as cool breezes and water sprays. Ocean Dream Samudra now holds the “Under the Sea Musical Dance” attraction at Underwater Theater.


In an effort to introduce the microbial life living in nature, SeaWorld Ancol has a variety of collections, ranging from freshwater biota, comprising 22,000 fish (126 types) and 28 reptiles (five types), to a marine biota, consisting of 5,180 fish (26 species), 79 invertebrates (13 species), 30 reptiles (five types) and one mammal.

SeaWorld Ancol presents entertainment, education and historical value that will always be remembered.

Pasar Seni

Pasar Seni is an art market that started over 25 years ago. It has become a centre for handicrafts and art products. This open-air art market has a plaza and souvenir shops. Pasar Seni has also become a centre where artists create and sell their products.

Executive Golf Fun

Ancol’s Golf Course has recently relaunched as Executive Golf Fun. This is Indonesia’s first international beach golf course with 18 holes spread over an area of 33 hectares. The golf course has a pro-shop, an executive room, a meeting hall and restaurants.

Ocean Ecopark

Ecopark is divided into several areas (zones) with different functions and facilities. Besides Eco Care, Eco Nature and Eco Art, it also has Eco Energy Zone. Diverse coastal plant species have been planted for their usefulness to the environment to make Ecopark a green and shady area, as well as providing complete botanical learning fun. Ecopark confirms its existence as a recreational area that offers an element of adventure.

Thousand Islands

The Thousand Islands (officially Kepulauan Seribu) are a chain of islands to the north of Jakarta's coast. It forms the only regency of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. It consists of a string of 110 islands stretching 45 km (28 mi) north into the Java Sea at West Jakarta Bay and in fact north of Banten Province.

White sandy coast, clear blue ocean and multicoloured coral reefs and fish with a touch of golden sun. This awaiting scenery will welcome you as part of more than 100 islands that lie in Teluk Jakarta Ocean.

Ragunan Zoo

Ragunan Zoo, more than 150 years old, is the third-oldest zoo in the world and the second-largest zoo in the world with the most diverse population of animals and plants. It is home to over 270 species of animals and 171 species of flora, and employs over 450 people.

A 185-hectare city zoo with a comprehensive collection of wildlife from throughout Indonesia and around the globe, including a special section called the Schmützer Primate Centre.

Enjoy the zoo by having an elephant ride or camel ride, or explore the zoo on bicycle or by train.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Also known as Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah has 250 acres of culture-based recreation in East Jakarta, a synopsis of the Indonesian culture with virtually all aspects of daily life in Indonesia’s 33 provinces encapsulated.

Apart from that, there is a lake with a miniature of the archipelago in the middle of it, cable cars, museums, the Keong Emas Imax cinema, a theatre called the Theatre of My Homeland (Theater Tanah Airku) and other recreational facilities, which make TMII one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city.