allowing you to radiate from within, with enjoyment arising from the heart.

The Dragon Wellness Journey   120mins   CNY 1,580

Relax in serene surroundings as you unwind in a Dragon Wellness Lea bath, preparing your skin to receive a deeply hydrating body wrap. Complete you journey with u deeply relaxing Aroma Massage to leave you rejuvenated and deeply relaxed.

The Heart of Hangzhou Journey   120 min   CNY 1,880

Embark on a truly indulgent journey, to commence a Bespoke Massage, tailored to your needs. Then your skin is treated to a hydrating and firming Skin Comfort Facial, leaving you with a radiant glow from within and a deep sense of well-being. 

Bespoke Massage 60/90mins   CNY  990/1,280

A customized massage just for you, choose your desired result, the focus area, the pressure and the duration, then leave the rest to us.

Aroma Massage   60/90mins    CNY 880/1,080

The Aroma Massage uses long strokes and specially blended ails with soft to medium pressure. This massage will leave you renewed and relaxed.

Deep Massage    60/90mins    CNY 880/1,080

Designed to relieve tension the deep Massage focuses on the deeper layers of the muscles, using a firm touch and pressure points.

Hot Stone Massage    60/90mins    CNY 880/1,280

A deeply relaxing massage using warm stones to ease sore muscles, release stiff joints and relieve tension.

Sleeping Massage 60/90mins    CNY 1,080/1,580

A massage to aid sleep and jet lag recovery. Let the synergy of blended essential oils, soft brushes

and long massage strokes guide you into a deep stale of relaxation.