Restaurants & Bars

Restaurants & Bars

A diverse selection

Dragon Palace

The food concepts and menus, are predominantly Cantonese, Szechuan and Guizhou Specialties, providing a unique style to become the new benchmark Chinese cuisine in Guiyang.

StyleFine dining
Dress codeSmart Casual
Kempi Deli

Enjoy homemade European gourmet products with freshly brewed coffee and juices which will make your small bite experience be mouth-watering.

CuisineAfternoon tea
Dress codeCasual
Lobby Lounge

A wide selection of tea, coffee, whiskeys, brandies, wines, draft beers, cocktails, and snacks make it the ideal spot for small parties or casual meetings.

CuisineBar snacks
Dress codeSmart Casual

Enjoy an All-Day Dining culinary journey and experience the wide variety of international and regional Chinese specialties at our Fashion & United Colours buffet restaurant, a most preferred dinner venue for both local and foreign guests.

StyleAll-day dining
Dress codeCasual