Umbrella weather

Umbrella weather

Umbrella weather


The Kleinmarkthalle is a cult in Frankfurt. The covered market hall offers flowers, wine and food. It is a popular meeting place for the people of Frankfurt in the middle of the city centre.

Located between Hasengasse and Liebfrauenberg, over 60 traders present their goods from all over the world on weekdays until 18:00. Gourmets get their money's worth, especially on Saturdays, when the Schlemmergarten is the place to taste and enjoy for locals and international visitors.

Black Light Mini Golf

You like to play mini-golf? Try a slightly different way of playing mini-golf. Imagine everything is dark and only the balls, the holes and the clubs are visible to you.

This is great fun for young and old. You are independent of the weather because black light mini-golf takes place indoors. This is due to the black light lamps and the fluorescent colours which make the special experience possible. An extension of this is the 3D black light mini-golf. Here, as well as the club and ball, 3D glasses are added.

Time Ride Frankfurt

With virtual reality, you experience an incredible journey through time. You have the feeling of immersing yourself in another time and experiencing it up close with the help of the latest technology and a 360° panoramic view. 

A Frankfurt merchant guides you through the Main metropolis at the beginning of the 19th century. Here, you combine adventure and fun with an invaluable learning effect. You feel as if you are directly on the streets of the up-and-coming commercial metropolis, and knowledge is imparted to you without boredom.

Flight Simulator

Have you always wanted to fly to Singapore Airport or Shanghai, but not as a passenger, but as a pilot yourself? Treat yourself to a flight in the simulator and experience first-hand the feeling of piloting an aircraft. For many of us, being a pilot is a dream job, and we wonder how it is possible to control such a large transport object.

You take off independently and keep the aircraft on course, react to weather conditions and then land safely. What sounds so easy here is actually a great challenge and makes you realise once again why pilot training takes so long. But be equally assured that it is a lot of fun, and one is also happy about small successes.

Of course, there are also the naturals who complete a perfect flight at the first go. Try it out and see if you are one of them.

Frankfurt Airport Tour

Would you like to experience how an airport works behind the scenes? Frankfurt Airport offers you two different tours: a starter tour of 45 minutes and an XXL tour of 120 minutes. You will learn many facts about the airport but also some curious facts: e.g. you will get to know a building in which there would be room for the Eiffel Tower.

Frankfurt Airport is the fourth-largest airport in Europe and the largest employer in the region. You can also admire decommissioned and parked aircraft, de-icing vehicles, turbines and the interlocking of processes.

Experimenta Science Center

The EXPERIMINTA ScienceCenter is something not only for our little citizens, but also for curious adults who want to know how our life works. At the ScienceCenter, you can become a researcher yourself at 130 experiment stations and experience the wonders of mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology first hand.

Immerse yourself in a world of infinite possibilities and simply join in and experience how to lie on a fakir bed, how to control lightning with your hands and what it looks like inside a soap bubble. These are just a few examples of hands-on stations to explore.