Walk Along the Main River

One of Frankfurt's most beautiful traditions is a walk along the banks of the Main. Walk directly along the waters edge and start, for example, at the Main-Neckar Bridge and walk to the Iron Footbridge.

Cross the footbridge and walk back along the other side. You will enjoy a wonderful view of the Frankfurt skyline and walk right past numerous museums and can combine a visit there with the walk, e.g. to the Städel Museum with its 3,100 paintings.

Ebbelwei Express

Another way to explore Frankfurt is to take a ride on the Ebbelwei Express. Here, sightseeing is combined with enjoying Frankfurt's traditional drink. You can be sure that it will be a happy tour.

There will be Hessian babbling and pretzels eaten while you admire the sights of the banking city on the Main.

Wäldchestag Festival

In Frankfurt's city forest, this traditional folk festival always takes place on Whitsun and the Tuesday after. It used to be called Frankfurt's bank holidays because the people of Frankfurt had the day off from midday and the shops remained closed.

Even though only a few Frankfurters still get the day off, a visit to the Stadtwald is obligatory for most Frankfurters. The atmosphere is like a fairground. You can try out the carousel, Ferris wheel, roller coaster and many more rides, and food and drink are also provided.


The Dippemess is the oldest public festival in Frankfurt and dates back to the 14th century. At first, it was a household-goods fair, and you could buy ceramic pots – Dippe – in particular.

Traders came from all over to sell their wares, and even today you can still buy all kinds of pots at the Dippemess. The fair offers fun for the whole family twice a year. Traditional rides and a large marquee attract visitors.

Apple Wine Culture

Apple wine and Hesse simply belong together. Especially in Frankfurt, the "Stöffche" is extremely popular. It is drunk pure, sour, i.e. with water, or sweet, with lemonade, spritzed. The cider culture has been included in the list of Germany's intangible cultural heritage.

In Frankfurt, you will find countless cider pubs where you can comfortably drink a pint, often paired with typical Hessian food.

Frankfurt Green Sauce

Borage, chervil, cress, parsley, burnet, sorrel and chives are the classic ingredients of the famous Frankfurt Green Sauce. The herbs have to be picked by hand in the greater Frankfurt area; otherwise, the sauce cannot call itself genuine.

It tastes great with hard-boiled eggs, potatoes, boiled beef, asparagus and much more.

Alongside "Handkäs mit Musik", Bethmännchen, Frankfurter Kranz, Rippche mit Kraut and Ahle Worscht, it is one of Frankfurt's specialities. It even has its own event, the Grüne Soße Festival, where the best green sauce is chosen. It also has its own monument, making it the only regional dish with a monument.

Hessenpark open-air museum

Experience the history of Hessian village life on 65 hectares. In the Hessenpark Open-Air Museum, you will find more than 100 historic buildings from the last centuries.

Here, you can study traditional building and handicraft techniques as well as marvel at old plant varieties and animal species. The buildings are divided into five groups: Central Hesse, Northern Hesse, Eastern Hesse, Southern Hesse and Rhine-Main.