Family Activities

Family Activities

Family Activities

Climbing Forest

Climbing forests are becoming increasingly popular. Between ropes, nets and wooden elements stretched between trees at different heights, you can test your fitness for heights, overcome fear and simply have fun.

You master one or more courses, which consist of various obstacles and thus promote basic movements, such as climbing, shimmying, balancing, holding, sliding and gliding. But fun is not neglected either, and it is a wonderful leisure activity for the whole family.

Sindlinger Glueckswiese

The Sindlinger Glückswiese is a special project, as it is actually a refuge farm for animals. But therapeutic purposes, such as animal educational riding, are also high on the farm's agenda. But it really gets cosy during visiting hours.

New friendships are often made here. The Glückswiese offers a great leisure programme and does valuable work with its contribution to animal welfare. The 24 horses/ponies, six geese, many chickens, six ducks, seven goats, 20 sheep, many pigs, three dogs, three donkeys and a few more animals look forward to your visit.

Goethe Tower 

On the edge of Frankfurt's Sachsenhausen district, next to the Goethe Tower, you will find the Waldspielpark, which is considered one of the most beautiful in Frankfurt. You can expect a toddler swing, slide, spring rocker, water games/mud area, seesaw, climbing element, tube slide, climbing equipment with slide, sand area and swing.

The advantage is that you can admire the Goethe Tower at the same time. In 2017, the tower burned down completely and was lovingly rebuilt and is considered one of the highest observation towers in Germany. If you feel hungry or thirsty, you can quench your thirst in the neighbouring restaurant.


Once, the Lochmühle was a flour mill and a farm; today, the focus is on fun with rides and climbing attractions. The special thing is that the rural flair has been preserved. This amusement park is suitable for smaller children and offers a cosy ambience.

You can expect 48 attractions, such as the helicopter ride, the animal nursery, the beaver ride, the petting enclosure, a large trampoline facility, various carousels and many more highlights. As an additional treat, you have the option of renting a barbecue hut there, and we will pack you a delicious barbecue basket. 

Family Golf

Only gentlemen of a more mature age play golf? Golf is boring? The Neuhof Golf Club welcomes you as a family and offers the little ones the opportunity to get a taste of golf. Let us convince you that the prejudices are not justified.

You have the opportunity to play together as a family on the practice course. Child-friendly practice games are available, which are a lot of fun, and you can discover the talent of your little ones.

Playing golf at a young age promotes concentration and coordination skills. We will be happy to arrange a play time for you!

Mainaeppelhaus Lohrberg

Orchard meadows are beautiful to look at when the trees are in blossom, but also after the blossom when the fruit ripens. The MainÄppelHaus Lohrberg has dedicated itself entirely to apples and horticulture and lovingly tends its meadow orchards.

The operators are happy to pass on this passion and offer a nature experience garden and various landscape projects to marvel at. Children are introduced to nature here and learn how to treat it with respect and appreciation in a playful way. The MainÄppelHaus is located on the Lohrberg, one of Frankfurt's most popular excursion destinations. From the Lohrberg, you have a fantastic view over the city."