Facial treatments

Facial treatments

Our facial treatments are personally customised.

Discover a combination of selected minerals, peptides and amino acids. This interaction between micro- and macro-hyalurons, followed by a hexapeptide mask (an active ingredient similar to Botox) and superfoods from nature, will plump and smooth your skin. A regenerating eye mask will make your eye areas appear significantly younger. 

90 minutes of pampering / EUR 190

Hydrogel eye pads, with an active ingredient complex similar to Botox, activates tired eye areas and reduce wrinkles around the eye. Immediately fuller, smoother and firmer.

30 minutes of pampering / EUR 50

Ultrasound treatments work in three ways at once: heat treatment, micro-massage and helpful phonophoresis are combined. Connective tissues are made firmer, skin cells’ readiness to absorb active ingredients is dramatically increased and microcirculation is stimulated. For a treatment with visible effectiveness.

30 minutes of pampering / EUR 55

* This combination can be booked with any facial treatment.