Our philosophy

Our philosophy

True health requires a certain natural rhythm and balance in our lives.

It is not a myth, but a fact that we are all unique. You may feel invigorated and alive in cold weather and perhaps feel sluggish and fatigued in hot climates, whilst another person might be just the opposite.

Inspired by Kempinski’s origins, the distinctive European seasons are an emphasis in Kempinski The Spa. The Spa philosophy invokes an understanding in most of us. While Winter generates thoughts of hibernation and recuperation, Spring may encourage ideas of blooming and growth. Our treatments are tailored to provide a definite result that suits your individual needs. Our seasonal menu allows our team, together with you, to readily define your needs and ensure your desired outcome.

Kempinski The Spa’s seasons do not prescribe who you are. They identify with how you would like to feel.

As you read through our menu, you may instinctively relate to a certain season based on what you would like to experience. We will conduct a spa health profile to clearly understand your requirements and which treatment or combination of seasonal treatments is suitable for you.

Our philosophy lies in understanding your needs and unhesitatingly guiding you there. We are focused on restoring the powerful effect of nature, either by adapting to the outside environment or by restoring inner balance. Kempinski The Spa uses the wisdom of plants, flowers and herbs in all of its treatments, whether it is Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn.