Signature Drink

Signature Drink

Rubin G&T

A regional cocktail - Rubin G&T

The Rubin G&T is the signature drink of the Rubin Bar, known for its excellent cocktails and cosy atmosphere. This special drink is a combination of regionally produced gin Brixx 43, Peychaud bitters, cranberry jam and tonic espuma.

Gin Brixx 43 is a handmade gin from the heart of Bavaria and contains botanicals such as juniper, coriander and citrus fruits. Peychaud Bitter, a bitter liqueur, is made in New Orleans and gives the drink a unique note. The cranberry jam adds a sweet and fruity side to the Ruby G&T while emphasising the local inspiration.

The tonic espuma, a kind of tonic foam, is the icing on the cake of this cocktail. It is prepared with soda water and tonic water and gives the drink the refreshing, tangy touch. The espuma also provides an interesting texture that adds an extra layer to the cocktail.

Together, all these ingredients create a unique and delicious cocktail that is perfect for a relaxed evening with friends or a special occasion. The Rubin G&T is an integral part of the cocktail culture at Rubin Bar and a must for any cocktail lover who appreciates the finely tuned flavours of gin and tonic.