Our contribution to a better tomorrow

As a member of the international luxury hotel group located in the heart of the Tyrolean Alps, we are conscious of our environment and strive for a sustainable and luxurious guest experience. We commit to minimise environmental impact and maximise social impact during the ultimate luxury guest journey. We implement numerous initiatives and follow hotel management policies that minimise the consumption of natural resources.  

Together with the EarthCheck Certified Programme - one of the most prestigious sustainability certification programmes in the hotel industry - we are committed to meeting the requirements for sustainable hotel management. We monitor and report on our water and energy consumption, carbon footprint and waste management and continue to implement advanced technologies in these areas to minimise the impact of our operations wherever it is possible.

Our team is dedicated to delivering the utmost journey experience to our guests by crafting memorable culinary experiences. We keep the environmental and social impact of our hotel in mind, and collaborate with local suppliers that fit our sustainability requirements in supplied food. 

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How we make a difference

Our Green Team - consisting of committed employees who work together to define sustainable strategies and goals - ensures that the actions are implemented comprehensively and are constantly being expanded. Our sustainability and purchasing guidelines ensure that we source local products, work with regional service providers and present seasonal, sustainable, and regional offers in our F&B outlets. To protect the environment, we only use eco-friendly cleaning products. 

With our Green Linen Artefact for changing bed linen and the towel on the floor policy, we motivate our guests to actively choose a more conscious lifestyle and make a difference even during their stay. In addition, our roofs are green and we do not artificially plant. In this way, we provide the best possible living conditions for our hotel's bee colonies, which have been set up in the hotel garden in collaboration with BeeFuture. In this way, we are actively counteracting bee mortality and can offer you beekeeper-fresh honey simultaneously. More regional is not possible!

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Our Actions

Regional & sustainable products and services
To support the region and reduce emissions, we pay particular attention to working with local manufacturers and companies. Our focus here is on:

  • Contracts with local craftsmen and service providers
  • Purchase of local products from Brixen, St. Johann in Tyrol, and Kitzbühel
  • Grander water as high-quality drinking water throughout the hotel
  • Checking suppliers for sustainability and animal welfare


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Waste management
As a luxury hotel, we cannot avoid the creation of waste. Nevertheless, we do our best to reduce our waste products. Thereby, we attach particular importance to the following points:

  • Waste separation, recycling, documentation
  • Clean the World: collection of soaps and shampoos for recycling
  • Donation of "catering waste" e.g. corks to the Lebenshilfe organisation
  • Reduction of plastic waste by switching to biodegradable amenities
  • Paper savings through digitalisation options


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Energy efficiency
In carrying out our operations, we try to minimise our energy consumption. For sustainable and conscientious energy use, we therefore pay attention to:

  • Intelligent systems for monitoring energy consumption and savings
  • Use of energy-saving machines and regular maintenance
  • Purchase of green electricity through TIWAG
  • Smart energy-saving solutions e.g. electricity only available in the room if the room card is inserted
  • Large windows for daylight
  • Change lighting scenes using a timer to reduce power consumption
  • Natural gas heating and heat recovery for the heating of the pools


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Water management
Efficient water use is important to us to promote sustainable practices and minimise environmental impact. Thereby, we ensure efficiency through:

  • Documentation of total water consumption
  • Use of Grander water
  • "Towel on the floor" policy and Green Linen Artefact for changing bed linen
  • No watering of the garden, as natural planting
  • Reduction of water use through water-saving shower heads & toilet flush



Social commitment & employees
Active involvement in social commitment within the region and the well-being of our employees help us to communicate our values to the outside and pursue our sustainability strategy. In doing so, we promote:

  • Support for local clubs and associations
  • Involvement in the tourism association
  • Cooperation with local mountain pastures, huts and restaurants
  • BE Donation for the Kitzbühel Red Cross
  • Provision of low-cost employee accommodation
  • Employee bonus programme
  • Team building events
  • Staff discounts at the hotel and association with competitors (My KitzCard)
  • Training programmes for employees, e.g. language classes 


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