Your Wellbeing

Your Wellbeing

Empowering you to take care of yourself.

Our curated wellbeing treatments can be taken individually or combined with another treatment.

Therabody Recovery Session
Recover from your alpine activities faster with a Therabody RecoveryAir session. Sit back and
relax wearing the pneumatic compression boots to support blood and lymphatic circulation,
relieving muscle fatigue and reducing muscle soreness. This clinically effective design leaves your
whole body feeling refreshed and revitalised.
25/50 minutes | EUR 49/85

Experience the ultimate in relaxation and recovery with SOMM therapy – a combination of sound
therapy, electromagnetic therapies, such as magnetic resonance, and vibration therapies, as well
as a micro-massage, all harmonised in a single wellness system. Lie back and let iLife relax and
revitalise your body and mind.
24 minutes | EUR 49

Alpine Bathing
Bathe in water infused with locally selected herbs and essential oils to release tension and soothe
the mind. The treatment includes herbal tea, a healthy spa cocktail and seasonal refreshments,
served in the privacy of one of our suites.
50 minutes | EUR 100


For reservations, please contact our Spa team on T +43 5355 50100 1700 or via email on [email protected]