Spa Journeys

Spa Journeys

Immerse yourself in one of our crafted journeys.

The Mountain Journey
Body Scrub – Massage – Express Face Treatment
Your choice of a bespoke full-body scrub, followed by an Aroma Massage with selected essential
oil blends designed to relieve muscle tension after hiking or skiing. This journey ends with a skin
treatment to deeply cleanse and repair your skin. Breathe deeply and enjoy pure relaxation and
100/140 minutes | EUR 220/250

The Alpine Restorative Journey
Body Scrub, Wrap & Massage
This refreshing journey relaxes the mind and supports recovery. A mineral-rich local salt scrub
cleanses and smooths your skin in preparation for a toning body wrap, during which you are
pampered with a head massage. The journey concludes with the Bespoke Massage, leaving you
renewed and restored.
100/130 minutes | EUR 210/250

The Complete Journey
Body Scrub & Wrap , Massage – Express Face Treatment
Allow your body and mind to relax, starting with a full-body Scrub & Wrap followed by a tension-
relieving Bespoke massage, and finishing with an express facial , leaving you rejuvenated from top
to toe.
130/160 minutes | EUR 260/285

The Couples Journey
Body Scrub, Massage & Express Face Treatment
Enjoy time together in our couple’s rooms. Indulge in a Bespoke Scrub, followed by our Bespoke
Massage, complete with a skin-boosting facial massage, leaving you relaxed and glowing.
130/160 minutes - EUR 260/285 per person


For reservations, please contact our Spa team on T +43 5355 50100 1700 or via email on [email protected]