7 alternative ways to discover Budapest

7 alternative ways to discover Budapest

Extraordinarily Fun Means of Transport

The Roads Less Travelled in Budapest

Give your feet, but not your senses, a rest when you go sightseeing in the city.

Originally planned to hike up Gellért Hill, the funicular (sikló in Hungarian) ended up on Buda Castle Hill in the late 19th century, taking people from Chain Bridge to Buda Castle in a matter of minutes. What a sights-rich ride it is! And what a quaint world awaits at the destination! Rising above panoramic views of Budapest on the steep hillside, you’ll disembark at the Royal Palace and the Hungarian Presidential Palace, where the ceremonial Changing of the Guards takes place.

Children’s Railway
Children’s Railway (or gyermekvasút in Hungarian) is an internationally famous diversion of Budapest. Where else is there a train run by schoolchildren? The railway line runs from Széchenyi-hegy to Hűvösvölgy, calling at Normafa, Csillebérc, János-hegy and Szépjuhászné – some of the most popular spots of Buda Hills, which also provide convenient access to lookout points, forest playgrounds and places of pilgrimage.

Cogwheel Railway - Fogaskerekű in Hungarian, and dating back to 1874, the red carriages perk up Buda’s green serenity from Városmajor Park up to Széchenyi Hill, through Svábhegy. Technically, it’s tram line number 60, and you need an ordinary single ticket or your daily or monthly pass to ride it. The fun and the beauty of Buda Hills apart, you can reach popular natural attractions such as Normafa or the Children’s Railway.

Chairlift - Not a skiing spot, Buda Hills, nonetheless, comes complete with its own chairlift (libegő in Hungarian). This two-way chairlift system transports passengers between Zugliget and the lookout tower on János Hill, the highest peak in the city, providing a beautiful panorama all the way.

Budapest Tuk Tuk
The city’s Tuk Tuk is an engine-driven, chauffeured vehicle, which is small enough to access nooks that bigger cars couldn’t. It is accessorised with Dell tablets, with a Pocket Guide app helping to guide you through the roads less travelled in an interactive way. The comfort features of your Tuk Tuk include a Bluetooth connection to your own music.

Pedal Carriage, Margitsziget
It may rhyme better in Hungarian (bringóhintó) but it’s equally fun in English. Getting on a pedal carriage as a small group is a fun and collective way of getting around transport-free Margaret Island to explore every sight and shore of this central Danube island as you pedal about in unison.

Floating Bus
Budapest is a riparian city, the sights and sounds of which must be taken in on water as well as land. What better way of killing two birds with one stone than getting on the amphibious floating bus. You’ll start riding around the city’s asphalt only to, in one dramatic splash, dive into the Danube, and continue your sojourn floating in the river, to finally emerge home and dry.

Luxury Speedboat
Exclusive and fast – think of it as a limousine on water. Dunarama’s boat takes you around at a whopping 70 km per hour, not just past the sights but the pillars of Margaret Bridge. Blast past the city, blast your music and blast your adrenaline.

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