Paradise for Steak Lovers

Paradise for Steak Lovers

There’s more to the steak than meets the palate.

Steak at Stake - The Finest Meat at ÉS Bisztró

At ÉS Bisztró, every step of the way is dedicated to selecting the very best meat and mastering the art of serving our signature steaks.

Our culinary excellence extends beyond monarchy, showcasing a modern Hungarian-Viennese menu complemented by our steak specialities.

We meticulously source Black Angus T-bone, rib eye, sirloin, tenderloin, Wagyu flank and Tomahawk steaks from farms in Austria, the US, Ireland and New Zealand ensuring only the highest quality for our guests. These selections are carefully selected by ÉS’ dedicated chefs. 

Utilising our US-manufactured Southbend broilers, we expertly heat the meat to 620 °C in 90 seconds, achieving a perfect sear and protein perfection. Guests can even watch our master chefs prepare these dishes in ÉS Bisztró’s show grill kitchen.

One of our signature offerings is the Alpine hay & herb steak, prepared from rib eye, renowned for its tenderness and succulence. Coated in suet and infused with a blend of basil, lavender, thyme, tarragon and other aromatic herbs, this dish is served on a wood-heated slate tile, accompanied by an array of side dishes.

We also offer Wagyu flank steak and Black Angus T-bone, paired with sumptuous sides, such as truffled mashed potato, sweet potato fries, chimichurri, tomato salsa, Smokey Béarnaise, green peppercorn sauce, fresh garden salad and vegetables.

To complement these mouthwatering meats, our sommeliers at ÉS Bisztró have curated the finest Hungarian wine pairings to go with your choice of dish.

Conveniently located in the Lobby of Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest downtown, ÉS Bisztró is accessible via its own entrance on Fashion Street. Additionally, ÉS Terrace operates seasonally for guests to enjoy.

For more information and reservations, please contact our dedicated ÉS Team at + +36 20 474 5000