White Asparagus Parade

White Asparagus Parade

The culinary finesse of ÉS Bisztró and the best local asparagus.

02 Apr 2024


A match made in the fields...

Did you know that asparagus belongs to the lily family? While it didn't inherit the flower's scent, it remains one of the delicacies of spring. Available only for a short period in spring, it is possibly the most anticipated vegetable in Western cuisines and literally takes over the menus of the finest restaurants around the world.

Rich in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and fibre, both the white and green stalks are grown in Hungary; ÉS Bisztró sources its supplies from the western regions of the country, guaranteeing the freshest asparagus available in the market. 

Enjoy these spring spears for lunch or dinner in delightful dishes, specially created by our chefs to serve you the season’s most delicious yield. Savour the starters and salads, or munch on fresh stalks served with your choice of melted butter or Hollandaise sauce and new potatoes, or combine it with Serrano ham, beef tenderloin, salmon, veal loin or sturgeon caviar.

You can enjoy the delicious asparagus specialities both when ordering from our Blackboard Specials and during Sunday Family Tables during this period.

The White Asparagus Promotion is available between 2 April - 14 May 2024.

Table reservations: +36 20 474 5600



  • White asparagus quiche, rucola, balsamico vinegar  - HUF 4 260
  • Grilled asparagus, Raclette cheese, aged ham  - HUF 5 280
  • Asparagus velouté, grilled hare saddle - HUF 3 560 
  • 250 g asparagus, new potatoes, Hollandaise sauce or melted butter - HUF 4 460
     Select your garnish:
  • 140 g beef tenderloin - HUF 9 460
  • 140 g salmon - HUF 7 460
  • 140 g veal loin - HUF 6 420
  • 80 g Serrano ham - HUF  5 840
  • Asparagus risotto with truffle - HUF 5 640


  • White asparagus panna cotta, rhubarb - HUF 3 480
  • Pancake with cottage cheese and fresh strawberry - HUF 3 480