News & headlines at Kempinski Budapest

News & headlines at Kempinski Budapest

11 Jan 2024

Ferenc Uzonyi's exhibition at the Kempinski Promenade Gallery

Budapest, 11 January 2024 – The Promenade Gallery of Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest presents Ferenc Uzonyi, a contemporary painter living in Debrecen.

Impressionism, which began in the second half of the 19th century, had a profound impact on the world of art and continues to influence contemporary works. Artists who use colour and light to express emotion and capture moments draw inspiration from the Impressionist heritage.

Ferenc Uzonyi graduated from the University of Debrecen in 1988. At the age of 27, he was the youngest member of the Debrecen Workshop. In his early years, he painted dreamy landscapes from his imagination. Later, after a study trip to Paris, he became a passionate follower of Impressionism. In the last two decades, he has had more than 30 exhibitions in Hungary and abroad.

Under his stage name UZONY, his abstracts are expressive works of the soul. His work is described as follows: "UZONY builds a pictorial structure whose archetypes can be seen in nature. His paintings also have a certain spatiality and plasticity. His pictures are characterised by contingency and calculation, the meeting of space and plane, which is why they can create such an association in the viewers that what they see is nothing but an enlargement of microscopic images, or something similar, from micro-fauna to the macrocosm."

The current exhibition is inspired by natural forms: rusty plates, autumn leaves, the sparkle of water, a drop of water rolling down the window, the veins of the stones, and the golden shine of minerals, especially labradorite.

The Zen series was born under the influence of Zen and Eckhart Tolle. The message conveyed by Ferenc Uzonyi's works is that art not only entertains, but also stimulates thought and provides a comprehensive perspective of our world through the lens of the artist. These works are not only visual experiences, but also inspire and generate a dialogue between the viewer and the work.

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For more information, please visit the Ar2day Gallery website.

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About Ar2Day Gallery: Since 2009, the Ar2day Gallery has represented young, outstandingly talented and well-educated artists who, with their unique style, have already achieved international success in addition to being part of the domestic contemporary art palette. The main goal of the gallery's founder and owner, Ildikó Benkő, is to promote high-quality contemporary Hungarian art abroad, and at home among both collectors and the younger generation. In addition to this, it is her important objective that the widest possible circles get to know, appreciate, love and want to live with works of art. Since 2013, the Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Promenade Gallery has hosted the exhibitions of Ar2day artists. 

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