News & headlines at Kempinski Budapest

News & headlines at Kempinski Budapest

08 Mar 2023

Attila Adorján’s exhibition ‘After VOGUE’ in the Kempinski Promenade Gallery

Budapest, 8 March 2023 – The exhibition 'After VOGUE' by Attila Adorján has opened in the ground-floor gallery of Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest and awaits visitors until the middle of May.

In recent years, Attila Adorján has exhibited mainly in Western Europe, so the domestic public has rarely been able to see his works. The current exhibition is also significant because, after 12 years, he is presenting his latest works in Hungary again, organised by Ar2day Gallery and Kempinski Hotel Corvinus.

Attila Adorján was born in 1968 in Balassagyarmat. After he attended the painting school of László Gyémánt, he graduated from the University of Fine Arts. His pictures can be found not only in Austrian, Swiss and German galleries and private collections, but also in the Hungarian National Gallery and in Kempinski Hotel Corvinus' Art Collection.

At first glance, his painting revives the tradition of hyper- or photo-realism. The representatives of this genre aim at an objective, impersonal, cool presentation of reality. Attila Adorján's return to painting traditions, which is primarily manifested in his creative attitude and use of materials, is, however, more multifaceted and cannot be narrowed down to the aforementioned trend.

Attila Adorján's art moves on the boundary between reality and imagination. The exhibition 'After VOGUE', which has just opened, focuses on the reinterpretation of pop-art and photorealistic representation, which Attila Adorján imbues with his own style and visual world, creating a reality that is exclusively his. His subjects come from our environment, photos, magazines and advertisements, and he usually depicts women in his pictures. The works provide visitors with a well-communicated, aesthetic visual experience.


Ar2day Gallery is the partner of Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest in the Promenade Gallery.

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About Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest:

Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest defines contemporary luxury in its outfitting, as well as service, in the heart of Budapest. Boldly modern, and recently redesigned and renovated, it offers 315 splendid rooms and 38 chic suites. A signature concept, Gastronomic Quarter Downtown Budapest includes Hungarian-Viennese ÉS Bisztró, ÉS Deli, New Japanese Nobu Restaurant, The Living Room and Blue Fox The Bar. Kempinski The Spa features a unique hungarymud treatment, and Kempinski Gallery shows modern Hungarian art. Ten Rooms is the hotel’s MICE solutions delivered on a full floor of state-of-the-art and flexible spaces, while The Kitchen Caters provides full-service catering management at or outside Kempinski Corvinus.


About Ar2Day Gallery:

Since 2009, the Ar2day Gallery has represented young, outstandingly talented and well-educated artists who, with their unique style, have already achieved international success in addition to being part of the domestic contemporary art palette. The main goal of the gallery's founder and owner, Ildikó Benkő, is to promote high-quality contemporary Hungarian art abroad, and at home among both collectors and the younger generation. In addition to this, it is her important objective that the widest possible circles get to know, appreciate, love and want to live with works of art. Since 2013, the Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Promenade Gallery has hosted the exhibitions of Ar2day artists. 

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