Restaurants & Nightlife in Budapest

Restaurants & Nightlife in Budapest

Explore the blooming gastro scene.

Restaurants & Nightlife - Culinary diversity in Budapest

Hungarian food is wide-ranging and diverse, and during its history the cuisines of many nations became intertwined in the country’s gastronomy. The first thing that pops up in your mind in the context of Hungarian cooking is… its richness! The unabashed luxury of nutrients runs riot on the typical Magyar menu, from starters to desserts, so do not be faint-hearted and relish the ravenous nature of its inspirations. 

Everyone will know [1}goulash {2](gulyás). Some define it as soup, others as stew. Beefed up with beef, its thick, paprika-soaked bright red broth just keeps winning generations over. Likewise, Hungarian [1}fisherman’s soup {2](halászlé) is a peppered, or rather, paprika-ed affair – time-consuming and laborious to make but a joy to have in its several regional varieties. Then there’s [1}pörkölt{2] (stew, made from any kind of meat), [1}chicken and veal stew{2] (csirkepaprikás, borjúpaprikás) and foie gras, or [1}goose liver{2]. The myriad cold cuts and pickles. To follow, dive into an endless array of desserts, cakes and tortes, [1}Dobos,{2] [1}Esterházy{2] and [1}Rigó Jancsi {2]being the creamiest of the cream. 

Fact: Hungarians knew coffee before the rest of Europe. Immerse in Budapest’s bustling café culture and sample its rich cakes. 

Savour signature Hungarian delicacies like goulash soup, goose liver and Tokaj wine in its countless restaurants. In the wee hours, dance the night away in the coolest clubs. If it’s summer, it’s outdoors. Budapesters while away the wee hours in the city’s signature pubs, fondly and ironically christened "romkocsma" or rubble bars, in derelict-chic courtyards, mostly in the 7th district. Most restaurants spill out onto the street and parks, opening special terraces, while some move all the way to the rooftop to catch the coolest summer breeze. Please be aware, due to local law, that smoking is not allowed in restaurants - only in the open air/on the terraces. 

Where to eat in Budapest? - Top picks for local restaurants

Hungarian Cuisine: 

ASZÚ Restaurant - Located in the cool cluster of restaurants and bars around St Stephen’s Basilica, this inventive Hungarian restaurant has a wine list that is dedicated to Tokaj, Tokaj-Hegyalja (part of World Heritage as "Hungaricum”). 
- Concept/Dress code: Smart Casual 
- Cuisine: Contemporary Hungarian 
- Distance from the hotel: four minutes’ walk 

RÉZKAKAS Bisztró - A beloved local icon for almost 50 years, Rézkakas brings a definitive local flavour, complete with live Gypsy music, to the culinary scene around St Stephen’s Basilica. 
- Terrace: Yes 
- Entertainment: virtuoso Gypsy band every evening 
- Concept/Dress code: Smart Casual 
- Cuisine: Traditional Hungarian 
- Distance from the hotel: four minutes’ walk 

CAFÉ KÖR - Offering power lunch in the day, and wind-down dinner in the night, Café Kör has been a consistently popular hangout in the Basilica area for fans of traditional Hungarian cuisine with a lighter international touch. 
- Concept/Dress code: Casual - Cuisine: Traditional Hungarian & Mediterranean 
- Distance from the hotel: six minutes’ walk 
- Payment: CASH only 

RÉTESHÁZ Restaurant - The First Strudel House of Pest fired up its kitchen in 2007, in the heart of Budapest, in a historical building constructed in 1812, serving local fare and creative Strudel specialities. 
- Concept/Dress code: Casual 
- Cuisine: Traditional Hungarian & Excellent strudel specialities 
- Terrace: Yes 
- Distance from the hotel: seven minutes’ walk 

PEST BUDA BISTRO - Grandma’s home-style Hungarian cooking finds a beautiful home under the original Baroque roof structure of a heritage tavern building. 
- Opening Hours: daily 11:00-24:00 - Concept/Dress Code: Casual - Cuisine: Traditional Hungarian - Terrace: Yes - Distance from the hotel: Castle District, 30 minutes’ walk / ten minutes by car • 21 Restaurant 
- Located in the Castle District, 21 serves indigenous Hungarian dishes in a contemporary execution, featuring an all-local wine list.
- Concept/Dress code: Smart Casual 
- Cuisine: Hungarian 
- Terrace: Yes 
- Distance from the hotel: Castle District, ten-minute car drive 


• CYRANO - Budapest’s first trendy restaurant, Cyrano has cooked uncompromising international food downtown. Upstairs, Cosmo Room is available for private parties. 
- Concept/Dress code: Casual 
- Cuisine: Mediterranean & International
- Terrace: Yes 
- Distance from the hotel: four minutes’ walk 

• COSTES - The first Hungarian Michelin-adorned restaurant continues challenging top-notch cuisine with its inventive culinary experience. 
- Concept/Dress code: Elegant 
- Cuisine: French 
- Distance from the hotel: five-minute car drive 

Where to go out, where to drink in Budapest? - Bars & Nightlife picks

Gozsdu Courtyard - Gozsdu Udvar is a city within the city and located downtown in the old Jewish district. It consists of six inner courts, surrounded by seven apartment buildings. The neighbourhood has recently morphed into one of the coolest parts of Budapest, radiant with young élan and vibrant with cafés, bars, restaurants, shops and clubs, as well as art exhibitions and fairs all year long. If you need to recharge your personal batteries, there’s always something exciting happening and it’s full of vivacious energy. Walking into Gozsdu Udvar’s courtyards is like being in another world, even though it’s just off the street. Among other choices, there’s a laid-back Italian eatery called 2spaghi, while Kolor and Spíler attract the Budapester übercool. To pick up a gift or treat, from spring to autumn I go to Gouba, an outdoor fair, or Budapest’s Portobello, every Sunday, which has antiques, artisan products and gastro stalls 

DiVino Wine divine! DiVino offers a comprehensive selection of Hungarian wines by the glass and bottle, with a focus on up-and-coming winemakers from all over Hungary. 

Budapest’s ruin bars, these overwhelmingly cool drinking joints situated inside neglected pre-war houses, have evolved into a popular attraction over the years. It started with Szimpla in an abandoned building offering affordable drinks for the young and creative crowd in Budapest. Szimpla not only became the hottest place to party, but also set a trend for alternative spaces. Dozens of other ruin bars opened up in the neighbourhood, e.g. the new complex housing Instant and Fogas Ház. 

The Hungarian capital’s skyline is as gorgeous as any in Europe, and where better to have a drink with a view than at the very best rooftop bars, the hippest venues right now in Budapest? Both locals and visitors head up to enjoy the sunset and to cool down and get away from the hustle and bustle. With riverside views and bird’s-eye views over the rooftops and the city’s landmarks, guests can find their favourite places spread out in downtown Budapest.

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