Hungarian Specialty

Hungarian Specialty

Jubilation for the senses - Harmony, Relaxation & Energy.

Hungarian Specialty - The Holistic Experience 

Experience this unique treatment which begins with a full body brushing followed by a body wrap of Hungarian mud. This mud is rich in minerals, including magnesium, calcium, chromium and copper and helps relieve arthritic joint pains, stimulate blood flow, cleanse your body and relieve stress.

During the wrap you have a choice of a scalp massage or a hydrating express facial. The treatment ends with a back, neck and shoulder massage. 

The price of the spoiling 80-minute treatment is HUF 65,400.

Spa treatments are available daily from 9:00am to 8:00pm
Our offer is subject to availability.

Consult our dedicated Kempinski The Spa Staff for a massage appointment and for Spa voucher order on t: +36 1 429 3585 or at e: [email protected]  

Learn more about the mud:
It was upon visiting the belle époque spas of Budapest that the inspiration for Hungary Holistic was found. Hungarymud®, introduced by Kempinski The Spa in Budapest, is a rich healing mineral mud that is highly versatile and carefully excavated from a natural reserve of South East Hungary. Hungarymud® is delivered in its natural state, sun-dried, ground and filtered. It has played a fundamental role for over 100 years in Hungary's health and is now available in treatments and products for the face, body and soul. 
Hungarymud® has a rich mineral composition, thermal and mechanical qualities and a therapeutic track record. It is certified as “curative” by the Hungarian National Health Service and has a unique ability to heal. 
Hungarymud® works with three mutually inclusive effects: mechanical, thermal and mineral. The thermal qualities of the mud allow it to retain temperature. When hot water is added, warm mud increases blood flow to tight muscles and areas of stagnation, aiding release and detoxification. When cold water is added, cool mud has an anti-inflammatory effect on nerves, joints and muscles. When packed onto specific body parts in a 3-4 mm (0.1-0.2 in) mudpack, the natural pressure of the mud's weight (mechanical effect) further increases blood circulation, thus allowing the mud's mineral content to penetrate deeply into layers of tissue for a more profound healing effect. 
As minerals are drawn in through the skin, toxins are drawn out at the same time.