Birthday of an Icon

Birthday of an Icon

08 Feb 2023

Birthday of an Icon- Lady in Red of Kempinski Hotel Chongqing

Providing a genuinely personalized and intuitive guest experience based on cultural empathy, guest intelligence and an understanding of each individual guest's needs is the role of the iconic Lady in Red, a highly emblematic position created by Kempinski Hotels 13 years back. As this unique brand ambassador welcomes guests in each hotel of the elegant luxury hotel brand around the globe, every hotel of Kempinski in Red this year.

Kempinski Hotel Chongqing held the birthday party for Lady in Red in the executive lounge, and the guests also joined us to celebrate this wonderful moment on 15th January, 2023.


Educated to Entertain 

Our iconic ambassadors come from all walks of life and more than 30 countries, but all share a passion for the Kempinski perspective on luxury, which means they never fail to surprise. Demonstrating the elegance of European service and the knowledge of a true connoisseur, the Lady in Red knows that luxury must be rare, must be felt and must be original. A keen interest in craftsmanship and gastronomy means the Lady in Red is always ready to offer advice on sartorial or shopping matters — recommending the best places to shop for luxury brands, local arts and crafts, or vintage collectables — and lend insight into the gastronomic delights that await within our hotels and destination cities. 


Guest Intelligence

The Lady in Red is a team player; an expert networker who maintains constant contact with the Front Desk, F&B teams and Concierge to ensure they are apprised of all the information they need to ensure guests each have a truly personalised and bespoke experience. Since the Lady in Red family is present across the entire Kempinski portfolio, guest intelligence can be shared among colleagues with ease, allowing the team to open doors to rare experiences and opportunities.


Timeless Elegance

Instantly recognisable as the brightest star in any Kempinski lobby, the Lady in Red is radiant. Her striking red attire is adapted for each destination to reflect local traditions and cultural influences, and each exquisite outfit carefully tailor-made. As the symbol of passion, warmth and soul, red was the perfect colour in which to present these cultural ambassadors, who play a pivotal role in every guest stay. At Kempinski, we craft beautiful performances for the people who travel in style and its only fitting that our iconic hosts should be equally as elegant.


Dedicated to Please

Generous, respectful and genuine, Ladies in Red are the perfect hosts, welcoming guests to each of our hotels as if they were guests at their own homes. As the first point of contact for VIP guests, Ladies in Red are skilled at observing the smallest details that allow them to turn a chance observation or comment into a cherished moment, going above and beyond to exceed expectations and forge long-lasting connections with guests. Empathetic and intuitive, Ladies in Red act as friend and confidant throughout the guest journey, and in many cases, long after. Like our guests, Ladies in Red live in the moment, adapting at a second’s notice to surpass expectations. This agile approach is reflected in their demeanor, which is constantly changing depending on the occasion, whether it’s following strict protocol necessary for a formal reception for a royal visitor, or preparing a heartfelt welcome for a guest or family well-known by the hotel.