Outdoor Pools

Outdoor Pools

Relax and enjoy Cancun’s best water features. Choose from two temperature-controlled pools, a seafront hot tub, or the Caribbean Sea. 

A Perfect Blend of Sun, Sand, and Sea

Experience ultimate relaxation at Kempinski Hotel Cancún by spending a day lounging by two outdoor swimming pools that are temperature-controlled for your comfort. Admire the stunning views of the Caribbean Sea while you recline in comfortable lounge chairs.

Take a dip in the pool or relax in the seafront hot tub and let your worries drift away. Enjoy the tranquility of this oasis, where the sound of waves and gentle breeze will soothe your soul.

Let your mind wander as you gaze into the horizon and appreciate the beauty of the turquoise waters. Whether you are seeking a peaceful day of solitude or quality time with your loved ones, Kempinski Hotel Cancún’s outdoor pools provide the perfect setting to relax and recharge. With impeccable service, you can unwind with ease and be assured that all your needs will be met, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated.