Lady in Red

Lady in Red

At the heart of Kempinski is the remarkable people who look after each and every guest attentively and thoughtfully. 

The most attentive host

At Kempinski, we believe that true luxury extends beyond luxurious décor and lavish amenities. It is the human connection—the genuine care and dedication of our team—that elevates your stay from memorable to extraordinary. 

For over a decade, the Lady in Red has been the embodiment of hospitality. Clad in a vibrant shade of red, she welcomes each guest with warmth and grace, offering personalized assistance and insider knowledge about the hotel and the local area. Our Lady in Red is not just a host but a trusted advisor and friend, always ready to provide thoughtful, individualized help and expertise.

Step into a world where hospitality is an art, with the Lady in Red as its vibrant muse. With a radiant aura of grace, the Lady and Gentleman in Red at Kempinski Hotel Cancún have personified unparalleled warmth and impeccable service for over a decade. Dressed in striking red, they greet you with a genuine smile, extending a hand of friendship. Allow our Lady in Red to elevate your experience as she weaves moments of enchantment and creates memories that will forever linger in your heart.

Unrivaled knowledge of the hotel and the local area

Whether you need recommendations for local attractions or dining spots or assistance with arranging transportation or activities, the Lady in Red team is always available to provide a helping hand.

The Lady in Red at Kempinski Hotel Cancún is more than just a friendly face; she is a symbol of our commitment to providing exceptional service and personalized experiences for every guest. Whether you are a first-time visitor or a regular guest, our Lady in Red is always here to welcome you and ensure that your stay with us is nothing short of unforgettable.