Embrace the allure of an idyllic beachfront resort nestled in the heart of the vibrant Hotel Zone

Where to find us

Discover the privileged location of Kempinski Hotel Cancún, nestled in the coveted Hotel Zone. Seamlessly accessible, our enchanting oasis is a mere 25-minute drive from both Cancún International Airport and the vibrant downtown hub. Unveil the convenience of effortless travel as you embark on an unforgettable escape, where timeless luxury awaits at every turn.


Craving a change of scenery from the sun-drenched shores?

Revel in the art of indulgence as you uncover a shopper's paradise within walking distance of Kempinski Hotel Cancún. Immerse yourself in the allure of high-end retail therapy at iconic shopping venues like Kukulcán Plaza and La Isla Shopping Village.

Exploring the Area

Embark on a captivating cultural expedition to the mystical ancient Mayan city of Tulum, located a 90-minute drive away. For a truly awe-inspiring adventure, set your sights on the breathtaking Mayan archaeological marvel of Chichen Itza, just a 2.5-hour drive from our doorstep. Then, for a taste of enchantment on the waves, set sail to the renowned Isla Mujeres, a blissful getaway that is just a few minutes away by yacht or ferry.

Commence an enchanting journey through a kaleidoscope of extraordinary moments, where the threads of time intertwine to create an exquisite tapestry of cherished memories. Indulge in a symphony of sensations as your stay transcends the realm of the ordinary, guiding you towards an extraordinary exploration of Cancún's limitless wonders.


  • To reach Kempinski Hotel Cancún from Cancun International Airport, take the airport road that leads to the captivating Hotel Zone. 
  • Carry on along this path for approximately 1 mile (1.6 km) until you reach the bridge seamlessly connecting the airport area to the bustling Cancun Hotel Zone. 
  • Keep your course steady, traverse the scenic Kukulcan Boulevard for approximately 10 miles (16 km), and behold the breathtaking sight of the hotel majestically gracing the right side of the road. 

When the moment is right, make a right turn at the inviting Kempinski Hotel Cancún sign. Our luxury resort, nestled within the esteemed Hotel Zone, is a mere 25 minutes from the airport, promising an unforgettable journey from arrival to departure.


Kempinski Hotel Cancún
Retorno del Rey #36
77500 Cancún