Events in Moscow

Events in Moscow

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Events in Moscow

First Moscow Summer Music Festival Zaryadye

From 1 June to 2 July, Zaryadye Hall will host the main musical event of the concert season — the First Moscow Summer Music Festival Zaryadye.

For the first time in the hall's history, the festival will go beyond the usual classical format. Every weekend, there will be games, workshops and performances in front of the entrance, while the closing ceremony will take place on the stage of the Great Amphitheatre in Zaryadye Park, where Beethoven's Ninth Symphony will be performed.

The large-scale festival will include more than 30 concerts, exclusive tours, family quests and, on the shortest night of the year, there will be a unique tour performance and a film screening.

The festival brings together Russia's leading soloists and orchestras.

For more information and to see the festival schedule click here.

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Address: Bldg. 4, Vl. 6, ul. Varvarka, Moscow


Exhibition "Rejected Masterpieces. Pavel Tretyakov's Challenge"

Tretyakov Gallery

Twenty most "highly acclaimed" works in the history of Russian art were selected for the project "Rejected Masterpieces. Pavel Tretyakov's Challenge". The project is to show how these canvases were received by their contemporaries and how aesthetic ideas and preferences have changed over the years. When these paintings first appeared in public and became the focus of discussions of the professional community, they caused not only debate and disputes, but also antagonism, rejection and even smear campaigns (up to censorship banning exhibiting, and removal from exhibitions and from catalogues). But today the permanent exposition of a major Russian museum is unthinkable without them.

Tretyakov's contemporaries criticised him for not making "right choices" and disapproved of many of his acquisitions. By modern standards, their attacks do not stand up to criticism, as the collector's views and tactics have proven so far-sighted. Tretyakov wrote on many occasions that only later generations would be able to give an unbiased assessment of his collection, because time would be the true judge.

The exhibition is open until 20 August 2023.

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Address:  10, Lavrushinsky Lane, Moscow