Art spaces

Art spaces

Art spaces

Art spaces are a new leisure format that is very popular and attracts an increasing number of visitors every day.  Here you can spend an evening or a weekend in an unusual creative atmosphere, get involved in art in a modern format, visit creative or educational studios, watch live performances by artists and musicians. Visit art spaces in Moscow and you will get a lot of impressions.


GES-2 House of Culture


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GES-2 House of Culture is a place for all, a space for collaborative art production and enjoyment. V–A–C Foundation has long been examining questions about the role and voice for contemporary art institutions today, ultimately turning to historical Soviet cultural production in its search for a new institutional model.

GES-2 aspires to re-imagine traditional Russian ‘houses of culture’, which first emerged in the late 19th century and remain relevant to this day. Their main aim was to encourage people to actively participate in culture and to make art an integral part of their everyday experience.

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Address: 15, Bolotnaya Embankment, Moscow