Throughout the year Estepona, Marbella and its surrondings brim with an array of exciting cultural events and activities.

A journey to discover

Whether you are an adventure seeker or want to relax and indulge at Kempinski Hotel Bahia you will be able to choose from a range of experiences. 

In addition, find out several Kid's Club and Resort activities here which will enhance your stay at the highest level.

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Despite the grape harvest festival is celebrated during September, October and November, The Grape Harvest Festival is celebrated during the first weekend in September in Manilva, which also marks the end of the grape harvest. The festival has been celebrated in Manilva since the 1960s and has become a trendy festival today attracting numerous wine-enthusiasts.

Event dates: September-November
Venue: Málaga

In February and March, Cadiz becomes one big party. It's carnival time and Kempinski Hotel Bahía can arrange for you a day trip to experience one of the most fun-filled and entertaining Spanish carnivals.

Although known for its uniqueness, Cadiz Carnival, declared an International Tourist Festival, is a festival that is celebrated throughout Andalusia, permeating many nooks among peoples of joy, colour and wit. You can hear carnival music in any corner of the city, and the last touches are put to the fancy-dress costumes, some of them real works of art. The locals put their hearts and souls into what is one of the most eagerly awaited events in the city.

Event dates: February-March
Venue: Cádiz

Marbella Fashion Week will close the season’s international catwalks such as New York, London, Milan and Paris. Marbella Fashion Week will be registered in the international fashion calendar.

Event dates:July
Venue: Marbella

One of the greatest weeks of the year in Spain and Kempinski Hotel Bahía. These celebrations are famous for their statues of the Virgin Mary with canopies: they are Baroque statues with silver and gold crowns, embroidered cloaks and velvet tunics that only reveal the face and hands.

Estepona has been holding its Easter week celebrations for a long time, and the celebrations have become locally and regionally famous. People put on traditional robes to parade in the several organised processions, while the "costaleros" carry the "tronos" (religious statues) on their shoulders. There are processions in the evening and at night every day.

Sevilla and Malaga Easter Week host the most-visited and famous processions in Spain, and they are other alternatives when staying at Kempinski Hotel Bahía. 

Event dates: April
Location: Estepona

This special day commemorates the independence of Andalucía after becoming an autonomous community. There is special ornamentation for this day on Estepona's terraces and it is a free day in our beautiful town. Have the traditional Andalusian-style breakfast or “Desayuno Andaluz”, which is “tostada con aceite”, a toasted pitufo or mollete bun, sprinkled with olive oil, sometimes with finely chopped tomato, and occasionally, garnished with thin Iberian ham slices as well.

Event dates: 28 February
Location: Estepona

Marbella Feria is held every year during the second week of June. It celebrates Marbella’s patron saint San Bernabé, whose feast day is on 11 June. It begins with an opening ceremony followed by a firework display, and continues for the whole week with events for all ages, music performances and attractions!

Event dates: June
Venue: Marbella

The 23rd of June is the celebration of the night of San Juan.

The origin of this festivity comes from pagans times. In the celebration, the shortest night of the years, bonfires and lanterns light up the beautiful stretch of coastline and the night sky.

Beach clubs really are one the best places to celebrate. Spiler Beach Club is famed for its celebration of San Juan, they are a chilled-out vibe reflecting the night perfectly.

Event dates: 23-24 June
Location: at Kempinski Hotel Bahía

Málaga Film Festival, which will screen the latest Spanish films, will be hosted in Málaga in March. An amazing atmosphere in the city and well-known directors and actors will make this event great once again. There are also many parallel activities that make this one of the city’s most important events. Kempinski Hotel Bahía stands up for cultural events, and an important stage for Spanish cinema has been established that every year attracts more people and receives significant media coverage.

Event dates: March
Venue: Málaga

Málaga will dress up in its greatest finery for Christmas again. The Christmas lights will become an attraction and a reason to visit the city from Kempinski Hotel Bahía, which can arrange for you a transfer so as not to miss this great event. Apart from different city-spot highlights, several music and light performances will be held in Málaga.

Event dates: November-January
Venue: Málaga

Kempinski Hotel Bahía stands up for local and traditional celebrations, such as the Carnival in Estepona, which is celebrated with a lot of fun and good humour for adults and kids, with costume contests and performances of carnival groups, most commonly known as Chirigotas.

Event dates: February
Location: Estepona

Kempinski Hotel Bahía and Estepona’s population take its fair very seriously, and the streets get ready to enjoy this fiesta.

Enjoy a glass of manzanilla sherry, music and dancing during the day as an authentic fairgoer in the city centre. During the night, the Estepona's fair is an event for all ages, when residents and visitors get together around the attractions and stands known as casetas, where you can enjoy music concerts.

Event dates: July
Location: Estepona

After eight editions, Starlite has become the longest festival, with more than 46 days of concerts. It has become an icon of boutique festivals, featuring artists as important as Elton John, Andrea Bocelli, Alejandro Sanz and Pet Shop Boys, among others. This exclusive event is for those who like intimate concerts in a unique venue.

Event dates: June-September
Location: Marbella

While staying at Kempinski Hotel Bahía, you can attend one of the most exciting gastronomic events. The greatest ham and Iberian products tasting in Spain comes back to Estepona, organised by the professional cutter and Spanish champion José María Téllez “Popi”. Try one of the best Spanish classics in the best ambiance at an unforgettable event where several music performances will be held.

Event dates: August
Venue: Estepona

As Kempinski Hotel Bahía supports local traditions, we highly recommend you to visit the Estepona Tapa Route that will take place between 13 and 15 March. The event is included within the programme of activities "Estepona vive sus calles" (Estepona lives its streets), with all types of activities: competitions, sports, food, music and more.

Visitors can taste exquisite culinary highlights made with local products by people of Estepona. Over these three days the town and its streets are taken over by people who want to have fun and enjoy the best delicacies.

Event dates: March
Venue: Estepona

The Feria de Málaga is the most important Andalusian fair of the summer and dates back to the 15th century. It was created to celebrate the entry in Málaga of the Catholic Kings, in August of 1487. The charming character of the Málaga people makes the Málaga Fair a cosmopolitan party that welcomes people from all over the world. There is neither dress code nor invitation; just the wish to have fun at each of the events that take place during fair days.

Do not forget to visit the bullring, which is another of the places of interest of the Feria de Málaga, where bullfights are held.

Event dates: August
Venue: Málaga