A sensuous and luxurious experience.

Niance is a most delicate, deliciously light textures designed to work on the top three layers of the skin in a way which means it is quickly absorbed, giving it an unmatchable velvet-and-silk feel.

Niance is a genuine premium Swiss Brand, and represents Swiss expertise in developing innovative and dynamic concepts in the luxury anti-aging skin-care sector. Niance supplies effective products and holistic treatment methods for visibly rejuvenating the skin. The expertise we have gathered through intensive research activities in our Swiss laboratories provides you with the chance to give your skin optimum care based on the very latest results in skin science.

The three secrets of Niance

This luxurious skin-care series is based on the latest findings from Swiss skin research, and has achieved unique anti-aging success throughout the world. Only the most effective and top-quality components are used.

Anti-Aging in all layers of the skin at once

For the first time the skin scientists of Niance managed to combine the ingredients in such a unique way, that applying just one product will in fact simulate all three top layers of the skin.

Immediate face-lifting effects and long lasting benefits

Immediately after applying you can see and feel the effects straight away as well as the regeneration of the skin. Niance achieves this effect by purposefully blending the ingredients that give the skin an immediate lifting effect with active ingredients that release their beneficial properties over a longer period of time

Highest Compatibility

In the Swiss Glacier Complex which are created from exquisite ingredients from the Swiss Alps which are combined to form an anti-aging elixir. In all Niance products only skin friendly products are used and dermatologists have given positive feedback about the products and skin compatibility.

At Kempinski Hotel Bahía we offer a range of Niance products and beauty treatments for both the face and body and for men and women.


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