A Bedouin Experience

A Bedouin Experience


Bedouin hospitality is legendary! The ultimate way to experience Jordan’s culture is to spend a night in a traditional Bedouin tent. Let us invite you to enjoy an authentic Bedouin dinner in the comfort of your very own Beit Shaar tent - overlooking the Red Sea at the beach .


After being guided to the private beach, you will be welcomed by a traditional folklore troupe reviving the heritage of Jordan in their original attire, singing the tribes treasury of songs. Let them escort your delegates to an unforgettable evening in the intimacy of your private Bedouin tent. While savoring the flavors of the Hashemite Kingdom, the night will be complemented with the very best of local live entertainment and enticing Belly Dance.


Under a tent richly decorated with the trappings of Bedouin pride, your invitees will be the main characters of a genuine re-enactment of the traditional welcome ceremony, performed by real Bedouin tribes men dressed in their honorable attire and the red and white “Hatta”. Seated on mattresses at low tables, your guests will enjoy a royal banquet and live entertainment fit for sheikhs but passionate like Bedouins.


In addition to a rich Arabic buffet prepared by our talented Chefs, you will experience something exceptionally authentic. As ancient as traditional cooking practices go, Zarb is perhaps the most dramatic. It consists of lamb or chicken with herbs and vegetables, buried in an oven with hot coals beneath the desert sands. When it is time for the meat to resurface, your guests will witness how the sand is brushed away, the lid comes out and the glorious slow-roasted fragrances billow into the air. You will become part of a Bedouin feast - a truly indigenous conclusion of a long meeting day.


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