Your Face

Your Face

We do not just pamper the skin; we treat it, using the finest products to ensure optimal results. To be taken alone or combined with another treatment.

Anti-Ageing Facial
An anti-ageing facial for all skin types, using ingredients to restore the skin's
youthfulness. Instantly delivering a revitalized and firmer skin, ensuring you embrace
your younger self.
60 minutes

Rejuvenating Facial
A facial designed to regenerate the skin and instantly smooth fine lines and wrinkles
and promote the skin’s natural resistance to premature ageing.
60 minutes

Radiance Facial
A result-driven facial, specially designed to cleanse the skin. A combination of
various techniques and active ingredients leaves the skin visibly cleaner with a burst
of radiance.
60 minutes

Men’s facial
Stressed and fatigued male skin will love this purifying yet hydrating treatment, your
face is cleansed, exfoliated and hydrated, leaving your skin refreshed and balanced.
60 minutes