Art Galleries

Art Galleries

Amman is a major middle eastern art hub, filled with ever-evolving collections traditional and contemporary work.

Art Galleries

Interested in getting immersed in Jordanian culture? Amman’s many art galleries have you covered. You’ll find many of the city’s galleries in central Jabal Amman and Jabal Al Weibdeh. Head to these inspiring hot spots to see new exhibits, attend events, pick up a souvenir, or even create a masterpiece of your own.

Best art galleries in Amman:

Darat Al Funon

Darat Al Funon is much more than an art gallery. It is an influential educational home for art in Amman—offering workshops, activities, and events that foster creativity and discussions. Even the actual site itself is significant.

National Gallery of Fine Arts

If you’re interested in contemporary Jordanian and Islamic art, the National Gallery of Fine Arts—housed in two buildings located on opposite sides of the National Gallery of Fine Arts Park—should be at the top of your list.

Wadi Finan Art Gallery

For those that like to not only admire the art but also create their own, Wadi Finan Gallery near First Circle in Jabal Amman is a great place where visitors can both see and do.

Jordan National Gallery

the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts has continued to promote cultural dialogue and artistic exchange in the kingdom as an institution for contemporary art, engaging a range of activities in cooperation with major international museums, cultural foundations and ministries

Dar Al Anda Art Gallery

A commercial gallery founded in 1998, Dar Al-Anda consists of two historic villas built in the 1930s that are situated on a slope of Jabal Al Weibdeh, overlooking a part of downtown Amman. Offering breath-taking views of the city and is great for walking tours.

Corner Art Space:

The Corner is a new art space located in the Valley at Campbell Gray Living – Amman’s new downtown in Abdali.