Prepare Your Stay

Prepare Your Stay

Prepare Your Stay

Make the most of your visit with the practical information we have to offer you. Our hospitable team will be pleased to assist you with any further details or assistance you may need, before you embark on your journey in Al Khobar, and during your stay with us at Kempinski Al Othman Hotel.

Our hotel is located in Al Khobar, in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia. It is 400km away from Riyadh and 120km from Al Jubail - the Middle East's largest industrial city.

Plug Type:  G  
Currency: SAR - Saudi Riyal (SAR)
Tax: Saudi Arabia added 5% VAT in all of the services
Languages: Arabic
Time Zone: GMT +3 hour(s)

Arriving to Kempinski Al Othman Hotel Al Khobar:
Many modern roads link the cities in Saudi Arabia to the other GCC countries. There are also three major airports in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dhahran which all make travelling between international and national cities more convenient. If you are arriving from Riyadh, you may as well use the train. Car rental companies and taxis are widely and equally available across the city.
Please contact our concierge to connect you with one of our many rental car partners.

Entry Visa Requirement:
The Immigration Authority of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia rules that entry visas are required for all nationals with the exception of the GCC.
If you need assistance in obtaining your personal visa, a member of our informed concierge service team will be pleased to help you.

Climate: Saudi Arabia has a desert climate. It is hot for most of the year and occasional rain occurs during autumn, winter and spring.

Religion: Islam is the official religion of the Saudi Arabia. Other religions are respected but non-Muslims are generally not allowed to enter mosques.

Clothing: Visitors to Saudi Arabia should dress modestly in all areas. Both, men and women, may feel more comfortable wearing loosely fitting clothes that cover shoulders, arms and legs. Women may also keep a scarf with them in case they are asked to cover their head.