Visit Adlon To Go coffee shop and enjoy high-quality snacks that are perfect on the go or for short breaks during the day.

Try our topped croissant with courgette – a vegan creation.

For fish lovers, we have the Orange Salmon Cronut –  a unique combination of crispy cronut and salmon with a refreshing hint of orange.

Enjoy Mediterranean cuisine with our Panini filled with tomatoes and mozzarella. For fans of Oriental flavours, we offer pita bread with hummus and falafel.

You can also look forward to our salad bowl with burrata or hummus and avocado – a healthy snack ideal for lunch breaks.

Finally, for those who like to discover something new every day, we offer our daily-changing lunch bowl. Let yourself be surprised by fresh, seasonal ingredients and exciting flavour combinations.

In addition to savoury snacks, we also offer a wide selection of sweet delicacies.

We look forward to your visit.