Our sustainable approach

The preservation of ecological diversity, the responsible use of resources and the respect for our region and its culture are practices we follow strictly.

To significantly reduce energy and water consumption, as well as manage waste, we have implemented several technologies at the hotel. In this context, we proudly participate in EarthCheck, one of the most renowned sustainability programmes in the hotel industry where we received Silver Certification in 2023.

You can find our sustainability declaration here.

We place great emphasis on our culinary diversity and sophistication. Therefore, our well-known chefs in the two restaurants mindfully work mainly with sustainable sources and local suppliers, to always serve our guests the freshest and most authentic products. To prevent food waste, we have undertaken several actions, one of which is our partnership with Too Good To Go. More information can be found here.

As part of Clean the World, we support the reduction of waste in the use of our soaps and small hygiene bottles so we collect them for recycling instead of disposing of them. 

Our aim is to make our supply chain more sustainable throughout the hotel. Therefore, we focus on abandoning single-use plastic and reinforcing recycling practices in areas where no sustainable alternative is available. 

With the “Concertini” initiative launched by Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin, we offer young student artists in Berlin a platform in our lobby.


Turn-Down Service


We attach great importance to sustainability and the careful use of resources. To do our bit for the environment, we are now offering our turn-down service only on request. We want to ensure that resources are not wasted when they are not needed.

If you would like the turn-down service or have any questions about it, please do not hesitate to contact our reception. Our team will be happy to assist you in making your stay as comfortable as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and support in our sustainability efforts.


Clean The World


We are very proud to take sustainable steps within our working environment in order to protect our planet. Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin has supported the Clean the World initiative since 2020 and is keen on constantly recycling soaps and small hygiene bottles instead of disposing them.

Major steps have been taken with our partnership with Salvatore Ferragamo, who have replaced all plastic bottles, caps and dispensers with recycled plastic in our hotel rooms. With this initiative, we can record improvements in our sustainability efforts and have been able to reduce waste.


Minimising Food Waste


Having two restaurants in the hotel and several venues with up to 2,500 guests, Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin is consistently working on minimising food waste in our food and beverage facilities.

Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin also joined the Too Good To Go initiative at the beginning of 2020. Through the use of an app, the mission is to connect people and places at the right time in order to reduce food waste. Too Good To Go is the biggest B2C platform worldwide and ensures that companies that have leftover food are connected with users, who will receive good-quality food for a reduced price.

Guests who have special food requirements can order food ingredients according to their needs.

Our Adlon To Go coffee shop, with its delicious pastry counter, is one of our hotel facilities that use the Too Good To Go service. It is where bread, croissants and other pastries get collected at the end of every day.

The kitchen can order food ingredients as they are required, so, mostly, nothing goes out of date. Items from our mini bar that are nearly out of date will be collected and sold at a significantly reduced price (to Too Good To Go).

Chefs manage and take good care of food ordering. They work closely together, so there are no excess orders. The head chef controls all orders, comparing them with every in-house kitchen.


Social Responsibility



We see a strong commitment to the arts as an essential component of our role in the community. Kempinski Concertini was launched in 2017 to mark the 120th anniversary of Kempinski Hotels. Since then, we have offered young musical talents from all over the world, yet students of the College of Fine Arts Berlin, a stage in our iconic lobby to perform mini concerts. Every Saturday afternoon, these talented musicians, full of enthusiasm for their music, create memorable moments for our guests from near and far. The Kempinski Concertini series includes violin and piano concertos, as well as flute and cello concertos. The young musicians impress with virtuoso interpretations of works by Bach, Mozart, Schubert, Strauss, Beethoven and Debussy, just to name a few.

Green Linen

Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin takes pride in supporting the sustainability of our planet’s resources, and we give our guests the opportunity to participate in our vision. With the Green Linen initiative, towels will not be replaced if they were hanging in the bathroom, instead of lying on the floor. In addition, if guests prefer to have the bed linen changed daily, they just need to place our little “Ampelmann” on the bed, so that Housekeeping will know that service is required daily. The “Ampelmann” is a significant symbol for Berlin because Berlin is the only city in Germany using this sign for its traffic lights.

For this project, every Kempinski hotel chooses a typical symbol for its city or region.


Supply Chain


Local Suppliers

Working in a sustainable and future-oriented environment also means combining gastronomic highlights with fresh and local ingredients. Our executive chefs' approach is to support our local suppliers and process authentic products for our guests – from the classic breakfast egg from the farm Gut Vorder Bollhagen, where we buy beef, sheep and goat meat, as well as eggs, to poultry products and potatoes in the farm shop from our own farm production. 

We get our mozzarella from a local buffalo farm on the outskirts of Berlin.

We believe that 100% cage-free eggs, meat and fish from eco-friendly and animal-welfare facilities make a significant difference for our guests and the environment.

Ban Plastic

According to a survey from the European Commission in Brussels, 26 million tons of plastic are produced in the EU every year, and Germany produces 31.1 kilos of plastic per inhabitant per year. Improperly disposed plastic ends up in the sea, and experts predict that there will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050.

Implementing our “Ban Plastic” concept means replacing plastic straws with stainless steel/sweetcorn starch, as well as changing plastic bathroom amenities (toothbrushes, shower caps, cotton buds, etc.) to eco-friendly alternatives. Thus, we have already significantly reduced our plastic consumption.


Reducing Environmental Impact


In line with our promise to craft high-quality, safe and sustainable luxury experiences, Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin joined the award-winning EarthCheck Certified programme in 2016 and received Silver Certification in 2018. Silver certification was also issued in 2023. This certification indicates the continuing effort devoted to sustainable projects that Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin has committed to.
They include the implementation and monitoring of water and energy usage, waste management and paper consumption, and the use of cleaning and hygiene products.
The EarthCheck Certificate is a terminated reward and goes through a bi-annual external examination. This is a worldwide Kempinski initiative.

On top of this, at Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin, we have decided to take care of several changes in structure to minimise energy consumption. For example: 

  • We are working on using 100% renewable energy in the next few years.
  • Our taps are set up with aerators to save water.
  • We have changed nearly all our lightbulbs to LED ones.
  • Most of our stakeholders are also working on programmes to support sustainability.

Green Collection