Pool Etiquette

Pool Etiquette

In order for each guest to enjoy a pleasant and relaxing experience, we ask that you respect the privacy of other guests and keep noise levels low to ensure a relaxing atmosphere. Learn more about pool etiquette here.

In order to ensure a pleasant stay for all guests in the wellness area of Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin, we kindly ask you to observe a few rules:

General information
Respect the privacy and space of other guests. Noise and loud behaviour should be avoided to ensure a relaxed atmosphere. Please use electronic devices only in silent mode during your stay and do not make phone calls. Towels and bathing shoes are available free of charge. Use of the wellness area is at your own risk and the hotel is not liable for any damage to property or personal injury. In the event of any technical malfunctions in the wellness area, please feel free to contact our team.

General hygiene rules
Please shower off in our showers before first use of the pool as well as the sauna area. 

Dress code
Please use appropriate swimwear in the pool area and leave street clothes in our lockers. The sauna and steam room can be used either textile-free or with swimwear, but in both cases, we ask you to put a towel underneath. In the fitness area, wear appropriate sportswear.

General safety
Please use the steps to enter the pools, do not jump from the pool edges and please consider the risk of slipping. Please do not use glass containers throughout the spa area. Pregnant women or people with health problems are advised to follow a doctor's recommendation before using the wave area.  If you feel unwell, please inform our team or dial “1998” via the house phone at the pool reception. Emergency call switches are available in the saunas. 

Use of sunbeds
In order to allow all guests to use the loungers, we ask that you do not reserve loungers unless you are actively using them. Our team reserves the right to clear reserved loungers and give items left behind to our Lost and Found office.

Bringing Children
Parents or guardians are generally responsible for the safety of children. Children under the age of 12 are only allowed in the pool area under the supervision of an adult. Children may use the pool area independently from the age of 12. The sauna and fitness area may be used from 16 years of age. 

Food and drink
Help yourself at our wellness bar with free fruit and drinks. You can order additional food and drinks from our menu card. However, for hygienic reasons, please do not consume any food in the pools and do not bring any outside food or drinks into the wellness area.

Smoking is not permitted, as it is throughout the hotel. Please use our Elephant Bar and designated smoking areas for this purpose.

Valuables and lost property
As a general rule, please do not bring any valuables into the wellness area. The hotel is not liable for any damage or loss of these. Should you find any items left behind, please hand them over to one of our staff members.

We wish you a relaxing and pleasant stay in the wellness area and sincerely thank you for your understanding and assistance in complying with these rules.