Facial Treatments

Facial Treatments

Our targeted facials deliver results for every type of skin. Our spa therapists will guide you to the perfect experience, just for you.

The Black Diamond Lifting Facial
This luxurious 111SKIN anti-ageing facial encourages a youthful, sculpted and firmer appearance. A series of thoroughly active steps, antioxidant formulas and a wrinkle-minimising wand massage ensure the skin is fresh and taut, for a truly lifted, youthful appearance.
90 minutes / EUR 235

The Dramatic Healing Facial
A soothing facial from 111SKIN to restore and repair damaged, inflamed and irritated skin. Using a combination of restorative ingredients, this facial will elevate recovery and heal the skin effectively. This treatment is also suitable for skin prone to dryness, dehydration, sensitivity or redness. The result is nourished, protected and rehydrated skin.
60 minutes / EUR 195

The Rose Quartz Restoring Facial
This facial combines powerful restorative properties with innovative formulas to lift, firm and sculpt. Using a three-level approach to facial massage, the treatment is designed to relax and soothe the mind while alleviating irritation. The result is a rested and restored glow.
60 minutes / EUR 195

The Classic Facial
Our expert therapist will consult with you prior to your treatment, ensuring your facial is specifically tailored to your skin’s needs. This facial will address your needs, such as hydration, clarity and strength.
60 or 90 minutes / EUR 135 or 175

The Gentleman's Facial
Tailored just for men. Stressed and fatigued male skin will love this purifying yet hydrating treatment. Your face is cleansed, exfoliated and hydrated, leaving your skin refreshed and balanced.
60 or 90 minutes / EUR 135 or 175

CRYO111 Facial
Cryotherapy uses cooled purified air, which has an outstanding revitalising effect on the skin by energising it. The treatment will increase microcirculation in the skin to reduce puffiness and detoxify. It will brighten the skin by increasing oxygen flow, leaving it firmer and luminescent. Perfect for tired skin to help counteract pollution. 
80 minutes / EUR 240


Combine the Cryotherapy experience with other treatments from our list
30 minutes / EUR 70