Sustainability declaration

Sustainability declaration

Ecological & Social Sustainability Policy

Environmental protection and sustainability are not only constantly gaining in importance, they are also in the spirit of a luxury hotel like the Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin. In order to preserve nature and the environment, it is therefore a particular concern of the traditional hotel to minimise the ecological impact of hotel operations as well as continuously improve its energy-related performance. In addition to legal requirements, the requirements of our guests and business partners must, of course, always be taken into account and complied with.

To this end, not only are internal processes optimised. New processes are also implemented to ensure the highest level of environmental protection and sustainability. Essential components are the reduction of water consumption and the conscious use of energy sources. The information and resources required for this are made available to those involved.

The Hotel Adlon has 385 hotel rooms and suites, the two-star gourmet restaurant Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer, the restaurant Quarre, the restaurant 1907, the lobby lounge, a spa and fitness area, an event area for up to 1,100 people divided into two exclusive ballrooms, each with 500 sq m of space, two ballroom foyers, two winter gardens, five conference rooms and six individual lounges.

ln various areas, changes and innovations take place regularly in order to improve the ecological balance. In general, the use of efficient technology is to be increased under economic conditions. 
A building management system ensures that the use of air conditioning, heating and lighting is tailored to the actual time of use; the shutdown of technical equipment is also automated. Every room in the hotel is equipped with a controller for the water tap to regulate consumption. In addition, the replacement of the lighting with LEDs has been completed. Continuous improvement is taking place by constantly replacing outdated equipment with more energy-efficient equipment.

By means of heat recovery, especially in the pool and spa areas, further unnecessary energy consumption is counteracted. Since 2020, the Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin has been a partner of the Clean the World organisation. We recycle our hotel guests' soaps and shampoos for more sustainability and a reduction of plastic waste.
Another aspect of our environmental commitment can be found in the way we handle the food we use, as well as food preparation and disposal. Regional products are used, especially at events. This not only serves to shorten transport distances, but also to promote the local economy. Induction cookers in the kitchen reduce electricity consumption, and waste collection has been reduced to twice a week.

There is conscientious waste separation and proper disposal. Food waste is recycled in cooperation with specialised companies, thus generating additional energy. 
The topic of recycling also takes on an important position beyond this. FSC-certified paper is used for flyers, brochures and all other written material.

The Hotel Adlon is committed to the principles of fair trade in order to promote a sustainable and fairer global economy in which producers are paid fairly, have decent working conditions and the environment is protected. We pursue this commitment at different levels by making conscious purchasing decisions through our procurement, obtaining different quotes, buying fair trade products and a close collaboration between us and suppliers.

As a company, it is important to recruit and employ local people to build a positive relationship with the community and strengthen the local economy.
Over 90 percent of our employees live within a 20 km radius and all employees receive a free annual public transport pass. Since May 2023, we have extended this to the Deutschlandticket to enable our team to also travel car-free within Germany and thus again ensure relief for the environment.

In order to ensure optimal further development of the precautions already taken and to gather ideas for new initiatives, a Green Inspiration Team has been formed at the Hotel Adlon Kempinski, coordinated by Ms. Nadine Lepke. Not only are the guests to be made aware of the possibilities of how they can contribute to more sustainability at check-in, but all employees are also involved in finding ideas and implementing suitable measures. In this way, the impact of hotel operations on the environment can be reduced more and more in the long term.

Berlin, 24.05.2023