Kempinski Concertini

Kempinski Concertini

23 Mar 2019

Spotlight on for Kempinski Concertini as Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai Becomes a Stage for Young Musicians from Hong Yi Guo Xue

In a breathtaking merger of culture and luxury, the grand open space of the Lobby Lounge has been transformed into a stage for young artists. In the afternoon of 23 March, 24 students of 10 to 15 years of age from the acclaimed Hong Yi Guo Xue school of Chinese ancient culture performed a 30 minutes mini concert with traditional instruments including Chinese zither and the bamboo flute.

Hong Yi Guo Xue is committed to the development of traditional Chinese cultural assets and provides training not only for ancient instruments (guzheng, guqin, erhu, pipa, etc), but also for painting, literature, tea art, chess, philosophy, and more. Respecting the Chinese traditional culture it also advances in encouraging the students to demonstrate creativity on more modern tunes.

Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai welcomed the 24 Hong Yi Guo Xue’s students to perform for their resident and local guests alike. It was a great pleasure to experience the magical music that captures so much of the spirit of traditional China and witnessing the talent of these young artists – the stars of tomorrow. This concert was part of the ‘Kempinski Concertini’ global initiative; just one of the many ways Kempinski strives to nurture young talent and extend platforms for young aspiring artists within the local communities. Kempinski Concertini is committed to foster China’s vibrant culture and nurture young talent. 

Kempinski Concertini was first launched in 2017 to mark the 120th anniversary of Kempinski Hotels. In addition to Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai, the Kempinski Concertini initiative is held at Kempinski Hotels around the globe.