01 Jul 2022

A Luxurious Gift for Mid-Autumn Festival by Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai

Shanghai, China – (July 2022) – Let your friends, loved ones and business acquaintances know that you’re thinking of them this Mid-Autumn Festival with a gift of luxurious mooncakes. Since ancient times, the mooncake has been an indispensable part of this traditional festival, and the act of gifting mooncakes has become an integral part of Chinese culture.

To celebrate the occasion, the hotel is pouring the hope of a full-moon reunion into the mooncakes and has created a series of delicately crafted and beautifully presented mooncake gift boxes, designed to be given as an act of thoughtfulness and caring. With a modern design and classic taste, the four new mooncake gift boxes, Yu Di, Yu Que, Reunion and Prosperity, are mainly in light blue and inherit the style characteristics of the combination of luxury and elegance. The Moon Hamper contains a richer range of hotel products, which can meet different needs.

This year, the hotel’s mooncake boxes use specially selected recyclable tote bags and drawstring bags, which integrate the concept of low-carbon and environmental protection. After the Mid-Autumn Festival, you can still use these two bags in your daily life.

Celebrate the Mooncake Festival with us by protecting the environment. For every box purchased, we will provide a recyclable bag for your everyday use, and for every ten boxes sold, plant a tree for our planet’s future protection.

*Date: From 1 July to 31 August 2022. The donation certificate will be sent on 10 September 2022.

At the same time, Kempinski Hotel Shanghai has launched homemade mooncakes. With a consistent high-quality food selection criteria to meet gourmets’ needs in their pursuit of delicious food, Master Yao of Suntime Century Chinese restaurant uses wagyu beef and black truffle potato mash to make the mooncakes with his craftsmanship. The thin and tender pastry is wrapped with juicy beef stuffing. Fresh out of the oven, it smells delicious, and you can taste the exploding juice. The combination of instant beef and crispy pastry gives you a rich taste experience on the tip of your tongue.

Homemade Mooncakes

Wagyu Beef Mooncake – CNY 98 per box (6 pcs)

Black Truffle Potato Mash Mooncake – CNY 98 per box (6 pcs)

*Selling and Pick-up Date: From now till 10 September 2022, 11:00–14:00

Yu Di Mooncake Gift Box (6 pcs) – CNY 278 per box

Yu Que Mooncake Gift Box (4 pcs) – CNY 368 per box

Reunion Mooncake Gift Box (6 pcs) – CNY 278 per box

Prosperity Mooncake Gift Box (8 pcs) – CNY 368 per box

The Moon Hamper – CNY 1,588 per box

Selling Date: From 1 July to 10 September 2022

Venue: The Lobby Bar, 1F

Pick-up Date: From 28 July to 10 September 2022

Pick-up Venue: The Lobby Bar, 1F

Time: Daily 10:00–20:00

Address: 1288 Lujiazui Ring Road, Pudong

For purchasing or more, please call: +86 21 3867 8888 or +86 21 3867 9031