Alpine Sports Ski School

Alpine Sports Ski School

More than 90 years of ski school history resulted in many stories to share - welcome to the St. Moritz ski school!

Alpine Sports Ski School

Master the Slopes: Learn from the Best in Alpine Sports

Experience the thrill of winter sports in St. Moritz with our custom-tailored Ski School programmes, designed to suit your skill level and preferences. Whether you are a novice just starting your journey on the slopes or a seasoned skier seeking to refine your technique, our experienced snow sports instructors are dedicated to helping you enhance your skills.

With our exclusive 'Legend' offering, your skiing experience becomes even more memorable. Our ski school professionals will pick you up directly from the hotel and guide you through a personalised two-, three-, or six-hour adventure on the stunning St. Moritz slopes. This offer is also perfect for groups larger than three, ensuring an unforgettable shared skiing experience.

We also cater to our younger guests with our specialised group classes for children. Our trained kid’s instructors focus on making skiing an enjoyable and playful activity for your little ones. The ultimate aim is to instill a lifelong love for skiing while ensuring they learn in a safe and secure environment. As with our 'Legend' programme, our snow sports instructors will conveniently pick up your children directly from the hotel.

To learn more or to book your skiing adventure, please contact us directly at [email protected]

Let us provide you with the finest skiing experience in the heart of the Swiss Alps, right here in St. Moritz.

Equipped with new skills, visit The Kempinski Sport Shop to gear up for your next adventure. From the latest ski equipment to fashionable alpine attire, find everything you need for a stylish and thrilling day on the slopes.