The Summit of Lifestyle and Music in Switzerland

The Summit of Lifestyle and Music in Switzerland

Welcome to the SunIce Festival

In the splendid backdrop of the Swiss Alps, St. Moritz blossoms into a vibrant haven of melody and vitality with the third instalment of the SunIce Festival. As the most rapidly expanding lifestyle festival in Switzerland, SunIce is the confluence of music, adventure, and environmental consciousness, offering an unrivalled experience steeped in energy and exhilaration.


An Orchestration of Beats Amidst the Clouds

With the crème de la crème of the world's techno artists setting the tempo, the SunIce Festival lifts your spirits to 2048 meters above sea level. Across 5 stages, over 50 artists congregate to infuse 20,000 attendees with a festival atmosphere more untamed than ever before.


More Than Just Music – An Adventure Unfolds

The SunIce Festival extends an invitation to plunge into a world where music marks merely the beginning. Navigate the festival village on quads, make fresh tracks on the ski slopes at dawn, or sail down the mountain on a paraglider. Catering to both the thrill-seeker and the leisure aficionado, each moment is meticulously curated to ensure your SunIce experience remains indelible.


A Blend of Thrill and Tranquillity: The Alpine Playground

  • Snowsports on Corviglia: Revel in the thrill of 155km of immaculate slopes and 24 lifts on St. Moritz's flagship mountain, where every descent becomes an unforgettable escapade.
  • Quad Rides: Experience the exhilaration on our 630m track adjacent to the festival village, offering a novel vantage point of the celebrations.
  • Paragliding: Glide from Corviglia to St. Moritz lake, descending 700 vertical meters for the quintessential mountain experience.
  • Bobsala & Moonbike: Embark on a winter adventure with our 730m courses designed for exhilarating rides right at the heart of the festival area.
  • Helicopter Tour: In collaboration with Swiss Helicopter, our scenic tours starts at the Kempinski Heliport and promise mesmerising views over the Engadine, capturing the essence of the region. 


This was the 2024 Lineup: A Rich Tapestry of Sound

From the electrifying rhythms of Afrojack and Kölsch to the harmonic expeditions of Stephan Bodzin and Lost Frequencies, each act weaves into the vibrant musical fabric of the SunIce Festival. 
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A Heartfelt Commitment to Sustainability

The awe-inspiring beauty of the Engadine mountains is not only our treasured setting but also a constant reminder of our dedication to sustainability. The Green Fee, now included with all tickets and packages, neutralises the CO₂ emissions of the festival and its patrons. By partaking in the SunIce Festival, you're engaging in more than just a sensational event; you're advocating for a move towards a more sustainable and verdant future.


Embark on the SunIce Odyssey

As the melodies reverberate through the alpine ether and the snow sparkles beneath the festival lights, the SunIce Festival awaits to embrace you in an experience where every instant is a celebration of music, adventure, and the splendour of nature. Together, let us ensure every beat, every breath, and every step in the dance is a homage to the extraordinary ethos of St. Moritz.

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