Ski, Sip & Steer

Ski, Sip & Steer



Reward yourself with a retreat in an enchanting igloo, where you can relax and unwind with a refreshing drink and indulge in the finest caviar and champagne. 

Wednesday - Sunday
12:00 - 18:00
In the park in front of the Hotel

Enjoy every Friday and Saturday at our Igloo for an unforgettable experience as we bring you live DJ performances that will set the vibe for your weekend! 
Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of our igloo, where the cool ambience meets the hottest beats.

Join us for this extraordinary winter experience, where you can savour the thrill of the test drive and indulge in the ultimate combination of snowy scenery, igloo relaxation, and culinary delights.


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Immerse yourself in the snowy wonderland and test drive the new Cadillac LYRIQ surrounded by a breathtaking landscape. 

You can book the test drive directly at the Igloo.

For more information, please contact our concierges at T +41 81 838 30 58 or 
M [email protected]

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