Step into the future of fitness with Visionbody, the cutting-edge wearable technology that's revolutionising the health and fitness industry.

Visionbody is the number one brand for wireless EMS training. It is in the forefront of wearable fitness technology and leads the re-conceptualization of the health and fitness industry in the 21st century.

Using both electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) and electrical muscle activation (EMA) technologies, the Visionbody System provides a streamlined approach to any fitness goal, especially regarding body composition, strength and endurance.

Simply put your Visionbody garment on, attach your Visionbody stimulation box, start your Visionbody app, select a training program and you are ready to go! 

Trainer Aljaz says he was fascinated by sports already as a child. During his studies at the Faculty of Sports in Ljubljana, he worked as a personal trainer, and already as a student, he strived for quality of training. Since 2016 he has been using an individual training approach with EMS Visionbody and he made more than 4000 individual training. He works with all kinds of clients, from beginners to professional athletes, depending on their goals.

A 30-minutes training including consultation and warm up costs CHF 110.

Book your training now: [email protected] or +41 81 838 3090

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