Gym World

Gym World

Achieve your fitness goals with our state-of-the-art gym facilities in the Alpine Spa area, featuring everything you need for a balanced and active day.

If you'd like to lift some weights during your stay - take your pick from fifteen different weight machines, depending on whether you'd like to train your arms, legs, abdomen or buttocks. 

If you prefer guided exercise or would like to try your hand at a new style of workout, why not discover the wide variety of courses offered here, including yoga, body forming and back training courses. 

360° View into our Gym World

For stretching exercises with various exercise balls, elastic bands and dumbbells, you can enjoy using our separate dedicated gym. 


Visit the Fitness and Workout Centre in the Kempinski and choose if you want to hit the stepper or cross-trainer for a great workout, or make those legs work on one of our four bicycles or our spinning bike. The centre also offers rowing machines, treadmills and an elliptical trainer - so you'll have plenty of choice for an exciting and varied workout. 

Complement your fitness training with rejuvenating cryotherapy in our Life Cube. 
Experience how targeted cold treatments can enhance your recovery and performance.

Drop by at our Fitness Centre and discover a fitter and healthier you.

The Fitness Center is open 24 hours per day.

T +41 81 838 30 90 - [email protected]