Tune your travel thermostat

Perhaps you’re craving the soothing caress of the sun on your skin. Or maybe it’s the fresh air high up in the mountains. Wherever you are in the world, it’s Time to Travel.


Time to cool down?

Gliding down majestic snow-capped mountains might be the answer. In St Moritz, the blend of world-class winter sports and high-end gastronomy could provide a welcome change of scenery. If city breaks are more your style, grab a cosy scarf and set out to explore a new metropolis, from the lively streets of Shanghai to the UNESCO-listed architecture of Vilnius.


Time to warm up?

Nothing beats the beach! Stretch out on a sun lounger by the shore of the Caribbean Sea in Cancún, or relax into the carefree pace of island life in the Seychelles.  Choose the right hotel, and even bustling cities like Dubai and Bangkok can provide the perfect mix of balmy temperatures and invigorating urban adventure.


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Video credits:  Snowboarding: iStock.com/Topi Leikas — Swimming: iStock.com/Anna Gorbacheva — Bernina Express: iStock.com/rexzillaz — Camel Caravan: iStock/Wheatfield — Riga: iStock.com/Ingus Kruklitis — Singapore: iStock.com/Ben Ng