Unique experience
balance of Yin and Yang

Taschenbergpalais massage
100 min. EUR 150
Five different forms of therapies in one massage.

Classical back massage
30 | 45 min. EUR 39 | 54

Full-body massage
60 | 90 min. EUR 69 | 99

Aroma oil back massage
30 | 45 min. EUR 44 | 59

Aroma oil whole-body massage
60 | 90 min. EUR 79 | 104

Ayurveda whole-body massage
60 | 90 min. EUR 80 | 110
The aim of Ayurveda: With the use of warm oils, the balance of the bioenergy will be maintained or reconciled. This slow-stroking massage has a relaxing and nurturing effect by harmonising your body and mind.

Hot chocolate whole-body massage
60 | 90 min. EUR 80 | 110
This special massage is based on warm and melted chocolate. Your skin will be soft and smooth. The enchanting scent makes the massage a unique experience – you feel alive and calm at the same time.

Hot stone whole-body massage
60 | 90 min. EUR 79 | 104
Hot stone is an Asian type of massage with the deep, enjoyable warmth of lava stones in combination with a valuable oil massage. The circulation is stimulated and muscles are relaxed, thus helping to eliminate toxins from your body.

Hot stone back massage
30 | 45 min. EUR 44 | 59

Foot reflexology massage
from 30 min. from EUR 39
Your whole body, with its bodily organs, is reflected in reflex zones on your feet. The specific stimulation is regulative, balancing and calming by improving the energetic circulation.

TCM – traditional Chinese medicine
60 | 90 min. EUR 80 | 110
The aim of this traditional Chinese massage is to rebuild harmony of your body and soul. The stimulation of skin, joints and nerves is oriented by the body’s energy meridians. By promoting the mobilisation of the body’s own energies and healing powers, the massage has a positive effect on your blood circulation and the balance of Yin and Yang.


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