Welcome to Djibouti

Welcome to Djibouti

Djibouti has a unique breath-taking landscape that reflects the culture and the beauty of its people.

Wonders of Djibouti

Discovering and exploring the wild lands of Djibouti is a disturbing but fascinating experience. In the midst of these pristine lands and chaotic landscapes, you will have the privilege of going back in time to contemplate the origins of our world.

The Lake Abbe offers a lunar landscape, almost unreal, or only chimneys of limestone pierce this desert expanse, solitary witnesses of a perpetual volcanic activity. This soothing silence will be broken by the majestic flight of a colony of pink flamingos, ibis, or pelicans.

Lake Assal is an unmatched curiosity because it is 153 metres below sea level so is the lowest point on the African continent. A placating atmosphere prevails in this place, where you can admire a striking contrast between the azure blue of the lake and the volcanic crown that surrounds it.

In contrast to these desert marvels, the Day Forest has a mild climate and verdant vegetation. This microcosm shelters a fauna and a varied flora in a case of greenery that seems to emerge from the nothing. Perched between 1200m and 1700m altitude, you will be offered to observe the equivalent of what were the first forests on earth.

In the midst of the clear waters of the Red Sea, the Seven Brothers Archipelago, the Moucha and Maskali islands, a marine world of exceptional biodiversity awaits you. Thousands of underwater species have taken up residence there. These sanctuaries preserved from human activities are world renowned.
Exploring these natural beauties will satisfy the adventurer who sleeps in you.